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Hi! This is the section where you can pick sick, sad and lonely pokemon to make them very happy on your site! They would really appreciate it! To get these on your site, you must right click them, save as, then upload to your server on what you saved them as.

Doufan was found beaten up by Giovanni. Help him by adopting him!
Copyright of Pokefun1

This pokemon is extremely rare! When he was young, he got hit by a car, so he is very injured, but he's now in a coma(siffle, sniffle). Then, team rocket captured him, but we found them, and raised him, and now he wants to be adopted, so please help him feel better and adopt him! Now his powers are superior!
Copyright Pokefun1

Speed Pikachu
Copyright Pokefun1
This speed Pikachu was injured in pokemon snap. He says that for the try outs, when he was running, a polywag crashed into him, and he was replaced by another speed pikachu, and he is now heart broken. So don't make this pikachu feel lonly and heart broken, adopt him so he is joyfull and happy! He has now got his speed back, but has terrible eye sight, and is the fastest pokemon on earth!!!!

L:82 Copyright Pokefun1
Mew was injured when he was in super smash bros. When he came out of the pokeball, kirby copyed him, and spat him out speeding into a big, mean blastoise, and wile he went over the horizon, a butterfree crashed in to him. When he fell into the street, a car crashed into him. Then team rocket got a hold of him, but he managed to escape into our pokecenter!!! That was brutally sad :o( . Now, he wants to be adopted so while watching other people come to te site he is on, he can heal and be entertained! Please help this mew!

L:46 Copyright Pokefun1
The reason we now have the rare Pikablu, is non other than team rocket. When pikablu was at the local pokemart buying a blastoise's hydro pumped milk shake(TM), James from team rocket saw him, stole him, and to get him to Giovanni, he dragged him, kicked andchoked him the whole way(ouch!);o( . Lucily, he passed a pokecenter on the way, so pikablu ran in, called the pokepolice, and went to nurce joy! He now wants to get out, but is too weak, so he can be adopted! Please adopt tis striving pikablu and put him out of his missuries!

L:54 Copyright Pokefun1
This poor cubone was found battling an onix. The onix ave him a rock slide, then a body slam. The trainer didnt want his cubonethe get injured, but he did, so he tried to pull im back with the pokeball, but onix blocked it, so cubone was trapped. Then,Cubone escaped and ran the the pokecenter. Cubone told us that the trainer was mean and beated cubone all the time so he wants to be adopted! so please adoped Blastoise!

L:92 copyright Pokefun1
This poor raichu was found laying on the door to the pokecenter with a bullet in his leg! We quickly began surgery on him and soon we was ok. Now to get the power of his leg back, he dances! He wants to be adoped and looks great on any site!

Thats all for now, but soon we will have more pokemon shipped in the pokecenter to get adopted!

L:22 Copyright Pokefun1
This injured Poliwhirl was found getting beat by a team rocket member. Poliwhirl tried to attack, but the team rocket member stabbed him witha knive! Poliwhirl was baddly injured. Then Ash Ketchem was taking a walk with pikachu. Ash saw Poliwhirl and came to its rescue. Ash brought it to Officer jenny and she drove Poliwhirl to the pokecenter! Poliwirl is still trying to get better and wants to be adopted! Please adopt poliwhirl!