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Capt Kei's(a.k.a. Humor99) Togepi/Chansey Relation

Hey I am Capt Kei(a.k.a. Humor99),and I am working with my pal Ross. I have my own website,but I took the time to help around here too. If you read my update on the main page you would see that I designed this page for the Togepi/Chansey Relation thing he has in his cheat section.It bugged me so much I did my own research. Maybe his research wasn't as in depth as mine will be, but that is okay.So enough of me talkin' here we go.

Okay first a little background.

Togepi-Togepi is a Pokemon found in the Gold/Silver version of Pokemon.This game is only found in Japan.He first appeared in the Pokemon episode Who Gets To Keep Togepi? This Pokemon is kinda of weird.

Chansey- An egg Pokemon who usually helps Nurse Joy in the Pokemon Center this Pokemon is a very cheerful little critter.It always carries a white(this will be important later) egg around and is in the Red/Blue version of Pokemon! Chansey is usually found in the Safari Zone.