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Game Shark Cheats

Hi! I hope from the title that this is the section on my site with lodes of codes that include a Gameshark device(it doesnt come with a Game Boy, so buy it at a store). I highly recommend getting one because its only about $20, and it helps a LOT! To name a few code with a Gameshark, here some are! P.S:This wont be done in a while. Sorry for the delay.

Walk through some walls

01A4D8CF is the code just to buy nickname?, but there is more to it. Here are the steps to use it!

  1. Buy it
  2. Walk into the wall u wanna walk through, but face the other way still toching the wall (may take a few tries)
  3. Go to your item screen, press A on it but when you get to the pokemon screen press B untill you get out.
  4. Now u will have a freaky row of pokemon to the right of you, but dont get scared.
  5. Now you can walk through the wall!
  6. Once you get to the other side, go to your pokemon screen and then get out.
  7. Ta da! You're on the other side of the wall!

NOTE:If u walk off the map,the game turns off. Also, nothing can be in front of you while you do this.

Get back on the S.S Anne

There is a stupid rumor out there that says if you play 150 hours of pokemon, the S.S Anne will come back. Well, to tell you the truth, it never leaves! This code proves it!

  1. Buy Nickname?(read above).
  2. Go to Vermillian City's dock to get to the Saint Anne.
  3. There is a man that stops you from going that says "the ship set sail".
  4. Face him, then look up.
  5. Use Nickname?(the code is above this one) and go down until u cant.
  6. Get out of nickname?(must I repeat myself if u didnt read above:READ ABOVE!!!)
  7. Go down, and TA DA!!!!!

There is NO catch to this!! It is no rumor, its a fact!!! I tried it myself 1 minute ago!!!


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