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Nobody likes you when your 23....

Blink Links!

Blink 182 Blink 182's main homepage. Go there. now!
Absolute Punk One of the best Blink pages out there!

My other favotire bands

Less Than Jake One of my other favorite band. Check these guys out.
Fenix TX Another awesome band!! These guys rock!.
MxPxCheck this page out! Crapload of tabs! This is an awesome page
New Found GloryThis page has constant updates on NFG. Amazing page

Friends Homepages

Shut Up Brain or I'll Stab You with a Q-Tip This is my friend Doug's awesome Simpson's homepage. Go visit it. It has great trivia and sounds.
Jon B's Homepage This is my friend Jon's homepage. Check it out.
Colleen Looking InsideColleen is one of many cool people I've met up here in college. Check out her homepage.
Mark's Funkin Page This is Mark's funkin page. Visit now! There's pic of me and my friends.

Wanna email me?? Of course you don't. But HERE it is anyway. Mail me!