North Harford Championship Wrestling
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Yesterday we had a Huge PPV type match, Backyard Blow out 2000, below is the total line up
Justin Sane d. The Spindocter, and Tom E. To win the Wrold title.
Tom E. Terrifyin d. Justin Sane for the IC title
The Spindocter d. Tom E. To retain the Hardcore title
after this The Misfits 2000 came out and chalanged Justin Sane to another 3 way dance for the world title in which he ratained it.


Pics are up under the NHCW pics section....enjoy

We recently had an event pics will be up by the end of next week it was pretty sweet. The spindoctor was overal the most hardcore, he got backbody dropped 2 times...2 times....2 times in a giant row of thorn bushes, he allso took some wicked chairshots to the head (not your little AWF shots)... Props have also got to go ouyt to Justin Sane he got slammed around alot, he almost got his next broke when Tom E Terrifyin powerbombed him off the trampolin to through a table on the ground, he came short of the table and went straight to the ground, we hope to have that video clip up soon it was the best.... It was an overal great of the best yet

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    Current Title Holders
NHCW World Champion Tom E. Terrifyin
NHCW Hardcore Champion    The Spindoctor
Inter-County Champion "The Lowly Refferee" Brian J. Oak
Tag-team Champions The Misfits 2000

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