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~*~The Paul McCartney Experience~*~

The Paul McCartney Experience Paul & Linda

Updates: Wingspan Paul interview photos added.
Hello. It occured to me that after all these years of being a Beatles fan, I never got around to making a page. Since there are so many already out there, I decided to limit my page a bit. My favourite Beatle is, of course, Paul. He was the reason I wanted a bass guitar one Christmas. I got one from my parents and took lessons for three years. My walls are in part covered with Beatles/Paul posters and photos. I have a large collection of collectables, books, magazines, figurines, dolls, tapes, CDs, records and more reguarding them. In September of 1999, I finally got to see Paul live at a PETA banquet held in Linda's honour at Paramount Studios in California. He played a few of his songs from his Run Devil Run album. I just watched Wingspan on ABC and gathered many photos. And now, here they are....

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Wingspan Photos:

Wingspan Photos

Wingspan Photos 2

Wingspan Photos 3

Wingspan Photos 4

Wingspan 2 Photos

Wingspan 2 Photos

Wingspan 2 Photos 2

Other Paul Photos

Paul On Tv Guide Cover (May 5-11)
Paul On Tv Guide Cover (May 5-11)


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