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Founder Chairman Me

I have immense pleasure in placing on the Web Record my deep sense of gratitude to our charismatic Chairman Janab Syed Sadakhath Peeran,his erudite scholarship and untiring efforts for the development of the faculty have been a constant source of inspiration for me. I thank him most exceedingly for providing us the Internet Facility. It is yet another milestone in the efforts to make the Al-Ameen Institutions illuminated in the annals of Karnataka Education System, and he has made us to leap into the 21st century. And I thank the Founder of Al-Ameen Movement Dr Mumtaz Ahmed Khan and our Secretary and other Management members also.

I would like to record my deep personal appreciation and gratitude to my PrincipalProf.Y.AZEEZ AHMEDfor his affection and unfailing encouragement.

I express my gratefulness to the ANGELFIRE COMMUNICATIONS for providing me an opportunity to have my own Web Page. Finally I thank to those people also who have developed those web sites which I have hyperlinked in my web Page.