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"Waivin' A Hand Southern Maryland"


"The Muddy Water DX Club"
Worldwide DX on CB Channel 10-(27.075mhz.)

"B-R-E-A-K C-H-A-N-N-E-L !!!
Well everyone this is it ! Welcome to the webpage devoted to the boys and girls in the
CB Radio hobby that live in the Southern Maryland area ! The year is new and the ideas
are too ! Thanks to "Dodgem" and "Casper",in the town of Indian Head, we are going to try
our best to create a world for the Southern Maryland CB Radio jockey's that grace the airwaves
around the middle Potomac River("The Muddy Water") area in the state of Maryland.

"The Muddy Water DX Club" (started in 1983 by Dodgem)
is made up of many guys and girls who love to get on the old two-way
and just talk to anybody and everybody who might be on the channel at the time. The only rules
we live by on the radio in the area are "keep it clean and keep it fun",(well,give it good shot anyway!)

"Let's Meet The Muddy Water DX Club"

"The Muddy Water DX Club" is spread all throughout the lower and western sides of
Charles County,Maryland. We come from towns with names like Indian Head , Nanjemoy ,
Port Tobacco , Grayton , Marbury , Doncaster , Maryland Point , and many other small
paths in and between, and yes, We know someones gonna say,"You forgot my town !"
Well, if that happens then you just let "Dodgem " know and he'll make it all better !

Now on to the names of our everyday "Big-Radio Voices" and little "Mud-Ducks" too !
(the mud-ducks know who they are !! but,hey you'll get your wings !

"Here We Are!"

Dodgem,Casper,964,Mid-Night Blue,Red Elvis,
Boss Lady,Undertaker,Spare Change,Sheet Shaker,
Rug Rat,Motor Mouth,Monkeynut,Scout 212,Black Serpent,
British Nanny,Green Machine,74,351,Free Bird,Mr.Breeze,
289,242,Cheyenne,Moose,Slim Jim,140,Billy Jack,
Lone Ranger,916,Pumpkin,Woodsman,Hay seed,
Amish Man,113,620,Caterpiller,318,Duke,Jelly-Bean,
Junk Buzzard,327,Country Boy,Third Wheel,Gravel Man
Blue Cat,Goldie,Armed & Dangerous(701),Pack Rat,River Rat,
Salty Dog,Boogie Man,Mountain Man,Wild Fire,Ramrod
Butterfly,Squeeze,Sixty-One,229,Red Devil,Shadow,Twisted Sister,
Seven-Ounce,Cookie Monster,Tad Pole,Lady Bug,Blue,Bird Man,212,
700-Needle Man,Undertaker(ft.wash.),House Cat,Music Man,713,
Pony Express,Stormy Weather,

and many more that will be added to the list . 'Cause it seems like everyday ther's a new name on the airwaves.

Hopefully this page will be seen by everyone and not just the CB Radio operators that have
their names listed on it. Casper and I want this page to be as devoted to Channel 10 and it's
users in the club as we are and if anyone has a comment or question about this board and it's
contents feel free to contact Casper or Dodgem in regards to this page.

Buy-Sell-Trade Here !

To everyone in the Muddy Water DX Club ,
This link will take you to the best place
in the area to say what you want and
leave a message to Buy-Sell-Trade any old
radios or accessories that are just collecting
dust in your shack.
So,come on in and enjoy your very own

"Muddy Water DX Club Market Place"

We want to invite everyone that comes our way to stop in an visit our
chat room.We hope that this chat room will supply everyone with useful help and information
related only to the subjects of CB Radio and become a haven for non-related material
So,Please click on the link below to enter the room.Enjoy !

The "MWDXC" Internet DX Room

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