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You have surfed into my virtual garage. It sure is getting crowded in here.I have been collecting motorcycles for quite some time, and I have run out of space. Some of them have to go! I am very flexible. I will buy,sell,or trade. I have some very cool new VIDEO from the M.O.R.E. club! Mark's Cabin 2017 Bike build


(Please help me clean out my garage!)

1979 Honda XL250 New with only 7/10ths of a mile ,no title $2000
1990 KTM 300EXC, Runs Good, New Top End $1000
Bultaco model 150 Sherpa T 250cc runs good. $1700
1975 Kawasaki KT250 all original except for the tires, runs good, $1200
1973 Yamaha RD350 original paint, very nice condition, runs good, new tires, DG expansion chambers. $1800
1976 Ossa MAR 350 runs good, new top end. $1300

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Delivery of Motorcycles may be possible in surrounding states. I live in Westminister, Maryland, USA. I can ship via Forward Air Inc. to most any major airport in the USA. If you have any questions, please email to msh68@comcast.net I will send Additional photo's to serious buyers. What is the Connection between Aliens & Motorcycles? For more info be sure to check out "My Basment" for more Bikes and Parts. Also Check out "MikesBikes Hall of Fame!" for Pictures of my newest Hall of Fame inductee.To help show the excitement and fun of motorcycling I have started adding VIDEO CLIPS! I have recieved some NEW information about a company that may have technology that will allow 2Strokes to meet the NEW EPA requirements.For more info check out Save the 2Strokes! The Links are also to the left of this page.


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