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What's New?

Image copyrighted by Slawek Wojtowics. Used with permission.

Added links to RPG articles on the published roleplaying page.

Added a webring to the Writer's Page. I also made up a page about Dead Sea Murder and one about Women in Roleplaying.

I switched the cover image to the new version with the text added.

I updated the index page to show the cover of Dead Sea Murder.

I cleaned up the Wicca webrings page of all the dead rings and the ones that either stopped listing or never listed my site. It has been a while since I cleaned this area up. I kept only two webrings and chucked eight!

I added a Current Work in Progress page.

I'm only doing the Blog journal now, and leaving the old writing journal as an archive. I've updated my published Role-playing and fiction pages.

I've just added an on-line journal called Too Much Information which goes into far more detail about everything than my other on-line journal.

Added a couple links on the index page to my brother-in-law's book at and Barnes and Noble.

Changed those annoying pop-up window ads to the on-the-page ads.

Added Currently in Submission to the writer's page.

Added a Writer's Journal to the writer's page.

Created new page listing my published role-playing articles and suppliments and my published short stories and poetry. Also added great new graphics to this page, Wicca Page, and index page. After noticing that many surfers visiting this site were still looking for Brigit's Temple Fiction Magazine or the T-shirt shop, I added this page to explain.

Added games section and this news page. Also uploaded some cool graphics to the page dedicated to my writing.

It has been awhile since I updated or added anything to the website, so there has been a lot to do. I finally cleared broken links for both writer's links and wicca links. A lot of stuff was rearranged in the writer section, moving a lot of it to links page. The writer's page will be converted to stuff about my personal writing career. I deleted the entire bookstore area. It was an affiliate of Barnes and Noble online,which was supposed to pay a percentage of sales. Since I have not seen a penny from them in the entire three years the store was open, despite sales, I deleted the whole sha-bang from my bandwidth. I also updated the about meadowlark section.