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Links for Writers

Links for Writers This page was last updated 5/31/01

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Here are some great links for writers.

Sites For All Writers

The Other SideInterviews with and Articles by Editors
Writing Articles This is a huge site with message boards, agent list and a huge number of writer sites.
Book Talk The Publisher's Insider's Page
Publisher's Links
Avid Press New Publisher
General Store Publishing House New Publisher
Somniloquy Magazine
Novel Advice Articles and fiction
Mind's Eye Fiction Fiction Magazine
The Eclectic Writer
Writer's Write Lots of articles and information for writers.
The Burry Man Writer's Center
Other Articles on Writing
Ingram'sbook distributor


Cluelass-A huge market and resource list for mystery writers and readers.
MysteryNet A huge message board for mystery readers and writers.
Mysterious Woman Interviews with woman mystery writers.
Plots with Guns E-zine
The Thrilling Detective E-zine
Over My Dead Body Mystery Magazine
12 Gauge Review
FUTURES Print magazine that features mysteries. Very open to new writers.
Blue Murder On-line Mystery Magazine
The Features short mysteries on-line
Short Mystery Fiction Society Has an e-mail digest and quarterly netletter.
Romance Writers of America A must visit site for romance writers, also has publisher's website list. For writers of romantic suspense.
Romantic Times
Louisa's Paranormal Romance site Beautiful Site! Lots of resources for readers and writers.
Romance Central Workshop with articles for romance writers
Mystic Visions website for fantasy and paranormal romance readers and writers
Robin's nest Lots of romance links
Linda Style Files Interviews with romance editors, agants and writers.
Romance Writing Articles
Anna Jacobs Has articles for romance writers

Science Fiction/ Fantasy

Critters Workshop-this is an e-mail/on-line (password protected) critique group for science fiction, fantasy and horror. Check-out the multitude of links on its resource page!
Science Fiction Writers of America A must visit site for science fiction, fantasy and horror writers.
SFWA's external links Lots of great sites to visit. Check out the Black Hole, which is a response time tracker of paying markets.
Spicy Green Iguana-This has a guide to a large number of fiction markets (mostly science fiction, fantasy and horror) that have websites.
Write Market Webzine -Mostly for horror, fantasy and science fiction, this site lists a lot of magazines I've not found in other market lists.
Speculations This is a site for SF, fantasy and horror writers. Check out the 'Rumormill' writer message board.
Science Fiction Writer Interesting info for writers.

Interesting Website by other Writers

Maggie Shayne Author of many successful romance novels
Mary Soon Lee's Mailbox Blues For any writer who's ever waited by the mailbox.
Judith Kelman's Writer's Room This mystery writer has some interesting and helpful advice for writers.
Nikki Burris This author has had several short stories published. Read her funny musings page and check out her links.
Victoria Strauss This writer has a great site with great links for writers, especially ones to help you make your own webpage.
Brian Lawrence He has had many short stories published and you can order his electronic novel NIGHTSHADE from this site.
Sara Hoskinson Frommer Her novel THE VANISHING VIOLINIST is now available from St. Martin's Minotaur.
Siri (also know as:Elizabeth Dearl) Has had multiple short stories published and her novel DIAMONDBACK will soon be available from Avid Press.
Tabatha Yeatts has written several nonfiction books, as well as fiction short stories. She is also a teacher and editor.
Author Interviews

Other Intersting Sites Get your oun free website!
hotbot Another plase to get your own free website.
Facade Get free tarot readings on-line.
Unclaimed Funds Do you or someone you know have unclaimed money? This tells you where you can find out for free.
The Mining company This site has a huge number of great links. This particular link is to a wealth of free web clipart.
Meadowlark's Nest The Meadowlark's Wicca page. Lots of cool graphics and links.

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