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Submission Black Hole

Image Copyright Noel Mollon. Used with permission.

I read somewhere that, to a writer, submitting our work feels like we are sending it into a blackhole, possibly never to be heard from again. This is my personal black hole. Here is a list of things I currently have in submission.


Sent story "A Sign From Beyond" to Living Stupid anthology on 12/2/03 and "Tuna Kitties" on 12/4/03. Their deadline is March 2003, so I hope to hear back from them before summer.I heard back from the editor and they are going to use the "Tuna Kitties" story. I have not heard about the other submission yet.

Sample sent to Fantasy Flight Games' fiction line on 12/1/03. They say their response time is 4-6 weeks, so I hope to hear from them in January, unless they take a long break for the holidays. I sent a follow-up query on 3/22/04 to verify that they received the original submission.
Since there has still been no word, I sent the submission by snail mail in the early part of August 2004.