Life in Christ
articles by Michael D. Morrison
Christian since 1978, husband since 1984, father since 1988
Member and employee, Grace Communion International, since 1978/1983
B.A. Biology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, 1976
B.A. Theology, Ambassador College, Pasadena, CA, 1983
Master of Divinity, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA, 1997
Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA, 2006
Adjunct faculty, Azusa Pacific University
Dean of Faculty, Grace Communion Seminary

This page contains articles about Christian life and thought. Most have been published and all are copyrighted.

1 Cor. 1: The wisdom of weakness
1 Cor. 9: A command Paul did not obey
1 Corinthians 12: Diversity and unity in spiritual gifts
1 Corinthians 13: The most excellent way
1 Corinthians 14a: The gift of prophecy
1 Corinthians 14b: Are you out of your mind?
1 Corinthians 14c: One at a time, please
1 Cor. 15a: Will we live again?
1 Cor. 15:35-58: The resurrection body
1 Peter 1: Real wealth lasts forever
1 Peter 2: Special roles for special people
1 Peter 3: Setting a good example
1 Thess. 1: A model for all believers
1 Thess. 2: We were not a burden
1 Thess. 3: Paul's Concern for the Thessalonians
1 Thess. 4b: Living a holy life
1 Thess. 4b-5a: The coming of the Lord
1 Tim. 1: The Law Used Properly
1 Tim. 2: God Wants All to Be Saved
1 Tim. 3: Good People Needed
2 Cor. 3: Paul and the new covenant
2 Cor. 8: The grace of giving
2 Cor. 9: Rich in good works
2 Peter 1: Plan for spiritual success
2 Timothy 1: Paul's farewell letter
2 Timothy 2: Work hard for the Lord
2 Timothy 3: Staying on track when others are not
2 Timothy 4: The time has come for my departure
Acts 15: Christians and the Law of Moses
The Apostle's Creed
A balanced approach to millennial questions
Between death and resurrection (2 Cor. 5)
Christians, Christmas, and fears of paganism
Colossians 1: Already in the kingdom
Colossians 2: Victory on the cross
Colossians 2: Fully forgiven in Christ
Colossians 2:14 - The handwriting of ordinances
Colossians 3: New clothes for new people
Colossians 3b-4: Relationships in and out of the church
The deity of the Holy Spirit
Ephesians 2: Grace and peace
Ephesians 5: Christian life and marriage
Evidence for Jesus' resurrection
A four-point plan for spiritual growth
Galatians 1: The gospel revealed
Galatians 2: Justified by faith, not by law
Galatians 3: Redeemed from the curse of the law
Galatians 4: Inheritors, not slaves
Galatians 5: The purpose of freedom
Galatians 6: Do good to all
Good news for bad people: the message of Jesus
Good news in an alabaster jar: the gospel in perfume 
The greatest commandment: love
Growing in Christ: five basic disciplines
Harvest seasons of ancient Israel
Hebrews 1: The radiance of God
Hebrews 2: Perfect through suffering
Hebrews 3: Think about Jesus and be faithful
Hebrews 4: Entering God's rest
Hebrews 7: A priest like Melchizedek
Hebrews 8: The superior ministry of Jesus
Hebrews 9: A superior sacrifice
Hebrews 10: Perfect results
Hebrews 11: Faithful heroes
Hebrews 11b: Abraham's example of faith
Hebrews 11c: Faith in victory and in death
Hebrews 12a: Dealing with difficulties
Hebrews 12b: A mountain of joy
Hebrews 13: Final exhortations
How many points in a parable?
How often may we observe the Lord's Supper?
How to become a Christian
Introduction to the book of Acts
Introduction to Trinitarian theology
John 12:12-19 - Right words, but the wrong reason
John 20:18-29 - Can you believe it?
Living in Community With God: God's Relationship With His People in the Books of Moses
Living in Community With God: God's Relationship With His People in the Books of History
Leadership in the church
Luke: open letter to a wealthy man
Luke's "orderly" account -- how precise is it?
Luke 1:1-38 - Announcing the king
Luke 1:39-80 - Two songs of praise
Luke 2:1-21 - A Savior is born
Luke 2:22-52 - What child is this?
Luke 15: The parable of the lost son
Mark 8:27-38: Everyone must die!
Mark 9:1-13: The Transfiguration
Matthew 1:1-16 - Forty-two men and five women
Matthew 1:18-23 - The virgin will give birth to a son
Matthew 5: Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 6: Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 7: Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 9: The purpose of healings
Matthew 13: Parables of the kingdom
Matthew 16: What kind of Messiah?
The meaning of the annual festivals
"Ministry" means "service"
New life in Christ -- the gospel in one page
The new NIV: popular English translation updated
The Nicene Creed
Paul's pastoral prayers
Philippians 1: Joy in Jesus Christ
Philippians 2: Learning to live like Jesus
Philippians 3:  Start right and finish well  
Philippians 4: Think on good things
The present and future kingdom of God
Principles of interpreting prophecy
The purpose of blessings
Rejoice! Christ has risen  
Romans 1a: Not ashamed of the gospel
Romans 1b: God's anger against sin
Romans 2: Everyone needs the gospel
Romans 3: From guilt to grace
Romans 4: The example of Abraham
Romans 5: Past, present and future of salvation
Romans 6: Enslaved to righteousness
Romans 7: Law, sin and me: the three-way struggle
Romans 8a: Sharing in the live of Christ
Romans 8b: The certainty of God's love
Romans 9: Paul's anguish for his people
Romans 10: Israel's opportunity for salvation
Romans 11: "All Israel will be saved"  
Romans 12: Attitudes that please God
Romans 13: Christians and the law
Romans 14: Dealing with disagreements
Romans 15: Jews and Gentiles together
Romans 16: Greetings, friends!
The six-day war: the days of Genesis 1
Significance of Christ's incarnation
Significance of Christ's crucifixion
Significance of Christ's resurrection
Stewardship involves all of life
Titus 1: Leaders in truth
Titus 2: Making grace look good
Titus 3: Saved by God's mercy
Using Microsoft Word 2007 for Academic Papers
What is worship?
Why does God allow evil?
Why would anyone want to be a Christian?

Basic Christian Beliefs series

  1. Introduction to God
  2. Who is Jesus?
  3. Why did Jesus die?
  4. Jesus alive forevermore!
  5. The Holy Spirit
  6. Salvation
  7. The Christian life
  8. What is the church?
  9. The written word of God
  10. The future

The gospel of the kingdom

  1. The message of Jesus
  2. Parables of the kingdom
  3. Preaching in the early church
  4. What Jesus said about himself
  5. The gospel according to Paul
  6. The good news of salvation
  7. Relationship with Christ

What the Gospels teach about...

  1. What the Gospels teach us about God the Father
  2. What the Gospels teach us about Jesus Christ
  3. What the Gospels teach us about the Holy Spirit
  4. What the Gospels teach us about the Holy Scriptures
  5. What the Gospels teach us about angels and demons

What the Bible says about speaking in tongues
    1. Jesus' promise and the book of Acts
     2. Tongue-speaking in Corinth
     3. Evaluating spiritual gifts

The purpose of life
Why were you born?
     Learning to be like Jesus, part 1:
          our relationship with God
     Learning to be like Jesus, part 2:
          relationships in the family of God

     Learning to be like Jesus, part 3:
          learning by living

Old Testament laws and Christians
All the covenants of the Bible
  Has the new covenant been made?
  The Law of Moses and the old covenant
  Circumcision a test case for evaluating laws
  A look at the Old Testament concept of uncleanness
  Is tithing an old covenant law?

Should Christians keep the Levitical festivals?
  part 1: The Old Testament Evidence
  part 2: The New Testament Evidence
  part 3: The Lord's Supper

What do the Scriptures say about the Sabbath?
Sabbath and Sunday in early Christianity
Shouldn't we follow Jesus' example?
Was the Sabbath made for all humanity?
Why the Seventh Day? -- a response to an Adventist
Another letter to an Adventist 

Which Old Testament Laws Apply to Christians?
  Introduction, and Letter From the Executive Editor
  1: Christians Obey God
  2: Old Testament Laws Before Moses
  3: Moses and the Old Covenant
  4: Jesus and the New Covenant
  5: The Early Church and the Law of Moses
  6: Paul and the Old Covenant
  7: A Few Examples of Obsolete Laws
  8: Seven Annual Sabbaths
  9: Dietary Laws and Uncleanness
  10: Jesus and Old Covenant Laws
  11: The Weekly Sabbath Jesus' Example
  12: The Sabbath in Acts and the Epistles
  13: New Covenant Commands
  14: Salvation by Faith

I gathered many of my articles about Old Testament laws and edited them to form a book: Sabbath, Circumcision, and Tithing. There are many books about the Sabbath -- this one is unique in that it places the Sabbath in its larger context, by looking for biblical principles by which Christians may evaluate all Old Testament laws. If you want the book you can buy it through an online bookseller, or read it free online. 
My dissertation has been updated and published as part of the Princeton Theological Monograph Series. Who Needs a New Covenant? Rhetorical Function of the Covenant Motif in the Argument of Hebrews. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2008.
It has 1) a thorough analysis of the ethnicity of the original readers - what sort of people would need the arguments in this epistle?, 2) the flow of argument in the epistle, and 3) a comprehensive survey of "covenant" in the Old Testament, intertestamental literature, and the New Testament. Essential reading for any scholar of either Hebrews or covenants. Click here.

I wrote various theology, biblical studies, church history and ministry papers while in graduate schools. Click here for my page of these articles.


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