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Rebekah Armbruster (Qld) Zeena McLaughlin (Vic)
The above photos taken from Australian Gymnastics

The National Championships certainly confirmed the fact that the Victorian Women's Program is the leading one in the country, with the VIS girls dominating the Junior National, Junior International and Senior Competitions. Infact, 6 out of the top 10 place getters, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the senior AA were from Victoria - way to go girls!

It is certainly an exciting time for Australian gymnastics, with the Sydney Olympics drawing closer and closer every day. The Australian women are looking amazing leading into the World Championships in October.

There is so many talented gymnasts that could make the team to travel to China, as was seen at the Australian Championships recently. With many of our gymnasts, such as Zeena McLaughlin, Melinda Cleland and Trudy McIntosh receiving great results in America and Europe over the past year, Australia is showing that it is a force to be reckoned with.


1998 Pacific Alliance team: B.Walker, AM.Vallence, M.Cleland, Z.McLaughlin

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Gymnastics Australia

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Victorian Gymnastic Association
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Jets Gymnastics (Vic.)
Whitehorse Gymnastic Club (Vic.)
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Australian Gymnasts

Australian Gymnasts
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Trudy McIntosh

Australian Champions: 1990-2000

1990 P.Hogan (NSW) S.Hargrave (NSW) S.Wild (NSW)
1991 B.Dowrick (ACT M.Allen(NSW) G.Peluso (NSW)
1992 B.Dowrick (ACT) J.Warrilow (WA) R.Garrett (WA)
1993 Nil R.Jackson (VIC) V.Ebb (NSW)
1994 B.Hudson (NSW) J.Hughes (VIC) L.Marning (NSW)
1995 A.Kravstov (Qld) N.Kantek (NSW) L.Marning (NSW)
1996 A.Kravtsov (Qld) N.Kantek (NSW K.Takahashi (VIC)
1997 B.Hudson (NSW) L.Moro (VIC) K.Darrah (WA)
1998 A.Kravstov (Qld) Z.McLaughlin (VIC) L.Marning (NSW)
1999 A.Kravstov (Qld) T.McIntosh (VIC) D.Leray (NSW)
2000 P.Mamin (Qld) A.Slater (WA) D.Leray (NSW)

I would like to thank Simone Alexander for allowing me to use her photos.

Zeena McLaughlin (Vic) Zeena McLaughlin (Vic)
Brooke Walker (Vic) Brooke O'Brien (Vic)
The photos of O'Brien and Walker taken from Simone's Web Page
The photos of McLaughlin and the Pacific Alliance team taken from Australian Gymnastics