The Madd Scientists are the not newest ska band to break into the midwest scene. A quick summary of what their music is all about would have to be: punk, but mostly ska with a definite undertone of jazz. The Madd Scientists have settled into the general area of Prairie Village Kansas, and have performed most of their shows in that area. Some of the shows that they have participated in are: The Lenexapalooza, a show right outside of their school, Shawnee Mission East, a couple shows at Gee Coffee, Spiritfest '97, and a show at the Cog Factory in Omaha, Nebraska. This 9-piece has hit the KC area pretty damn hard so check them out at their next show!

Group members:

Mike Tuley (drums, vocals, and a legal pychopath)

Andy Tuley (bass, vocals, and the band bitch)

Daniel Goldman (guitar, and the punk with no expression)

Peter Abbey (vocals, and hardass member of SHARP)

Claire Durwood (keyboard, vocals, and unliscened band psychiatrist)

Jack O'Conner (trombone, vocals, and the King Of Ska)

Greg Williams (alto sax, vocals, and sex-crazed machine)

Mike Haynes (trumpet, vocals, and JACKASS!)

Alex Moore

MAJOR WHORE (not kidding) AND GROUP stripper.

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