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Dave Matthews Band MP3's
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MP3 Downloads:
      Alright, new story with the MP3's of the symphony show. They are now downloadable, the ones that are linked are all working as of Saturday, August 5. You must click on the link, not right click and "save link as..." because webjump, the server they are on brings you to a webpage that automatically redirects to the file. If you do "save link as..." you will download the webpage, not the song. Enjoy the songs, and check back for the rest of the concert saturday morning!

      To listen to songs in MP3 format, download either Winamp or Sonique. Both are quality mp3 players, Sonique is more graphical and has a cool interface, while winamp is less interactive, but more commonly used.

2/15/95 DMB and the Richmond Symphony Orchestra
INFO FILE - distribute with show.
01 - Recently
02 - Granny
03 - Warehouse
04 - Typical Situation
05 - Lover Lay Down
06 - Ants Marching
07 - Lie In Our Graves
08 - Pay For What You Get
09 - Help Myself
10 - Satellite
11 - Christmas Song (Dave and Carter)
12 - Dancing Nancies
13 - #36

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