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Welcome to Kokadjo's B-17 BOQ

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Greetings and welcome to my BOQ, which is dedicated to the crews of all Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses. Time and space cannot begin to reflect the depth of gratitude we owe to those who served in World War II, especially the crews of the heavy bombers.

Of all the warbirds from 1939 to 1945 WWII era, the Boeing B-17 bomber, referred to as the Flying Fortress, is probably the most recognizable and well known aircraft of the time period.

The last known formation flight of B-17s from the US to Europe occurred in late 1961. The three Flying Fortresses departed from Tucson, Arizona in late September, arriving in early October in England for the making of the movie "The War Lover" starring Steve McQueen. My father and I remember the Queens arriving at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, causing quite a stir, which these lovely ladies did just about anywhere they landed on their trip.

The following individuals comprised the crews on that historic flight:

The trials and tribulations they encountered, as well as the spirit of the journey, were admirably captured in the book Everything But The Flak by Martin Caidin, who flew right seat in the Fortress designated as Blue One.

During filming, two of the Forts were intentionally crashed and then scavenged for parts to keep the remaining B-17 flying. . .

. . . And this Queen is still flying today. Designated as the Fuddy Duddy, she is based at the National Warplane Museum near Rochester, New York.

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P.J. Kelmer

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