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The DX Decade
banner.gif I put up a 120ft (37m) tower in 1987, probably the best investment I ever made in myself. I've had a lot of fun with it! My DXCC standings really took off in the next few years. Major milestones included 5BDXCC Oct/89, Mixed Honor Roll Nov/92, and Phone plus CW Honor Rolls Oct/94. At one time, these goals had seemed impossible, but there's not much you can't do if you really want it! The first antennas on the tower were a HB 2 element triband quad, an 80 inverted vee at 110ft, a 40 delta loop at 110ft fed horizontally at 70ft, and a 160 quarter wave sloper at 120ft. A Cushcraft A3 tribander + 40 meter dipole replaced the quad and delta loop in 93, enhancing 40m performance. A Force12 C4XL replaced the A3 in 97, once again enhancing 40m with a 2 element yagi. The 160 sloper gave way to a full size loop with apex at 110ft fed vertically. Various other wire antennas came and went over the years, mounted in our tall trees- especially bobtails and half squares for 40 and 80 meters. I put up a full size 80m quarter wave vertical wire with about 55 radials in Jan/99. It usually does a little better than the inverted vee. A Kenwood TS-930 was added in 94 for WARC capability- three new bands to chase DXCC countries on! I completely rebuilt an old Heath Warrior amp in 95 using GG 813's, and added a Drake L7 amp in 97. In 1996 I changed my call from K3YGU to K3KY . It is much easier to work DX with the new call. A Tennadyne T7 log periodic was installed on my second (40ft) tower in May/00 to enhance high band performance. I now have 199 out of 200 towards 5BWAZ, and enjoy participating in the Toplist award rankings (currently 2602 countries 9-bands.) I achieved 160m DXCC in 96, started RTTY DXing in Nov/98 and reached 100 confirmed in Apr/00. For me, the 1990's were a fun and productive DX Decade!

New! K3KY's 15 Minutes of Fame (70K .jpg)
K3KY on the lookout for electronic parts
at the Manassas, VA hamfest, June 1998


Radios Kenwood TS-930 Yaesu FT-101ZD
Amplifiers Drake L7 (pair 3-500Z) HB pair 813 GG (2 amps)
Antennas 40/20/15/10 2el Yagi 37m 30/17/12 Rotary Dipole 39m
Antennas 80 Inv Vee 35m, 80 Vert 160 Full Size Loop (vert) 35m
Antennas   7el LP 18ft boom 18-32MHz 12m

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