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The Early Years
banner.gif I got my General class ticket in 64 and hit the bands as K3YGU. I soon polished off the last 7 states needed for WAS, and started DXing on 20 meters. My next acquisition was a Drake 2B receiver- quite an improvement! The old T-60 was replaced by a Heathkit HX-20 transmitter, my first SSB rig. That was replaced, in turn, by a Hallicrafters HT-37. My early antennas were verticals, but soon I had 20 feet of tower on the roof with a 2 element triband quad. It did great at 40 feet, and I worked plenty of DX, despite the solar cycle minimum at the time. I built a couple of modest 811A amplifiers but eventually traded for a homebuilt pair of 4-400A's, which served me well.

Aside from DXing, I enjoyed hanging out with some locals who met late evenings on 14.340 in the Washington, D.C. area. Although I was only 15 and these guys were much older, they made me feel welcome. The teen years can be difficult- the group helped me develop a sense of identity, purpose, and belonging during those times. I have many fond memories of that bunch.

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