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The Firesign Theatre

Bozos of the world unite! The 4 or 5 crazy guys have been
creating sophisticated, imaginative comedy since the late sixties.


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The Firezine!

Welcome to the future- we're glad you made it! I don't know how you came by this url, but you are now embarked upon a journey that must certainly lead you to Change Your Life Forever! If you were never a special person, you are a special person now! Don't feel alone here in the new age, because there's a seeker born every minute. Next time I will speak to you about gravity and its opposite, comedy. Now, back to the future, which is already in progress... (Thanx Firesign Theatre)
Oh- so you want more, eh?
OK Mr. smarty
pants bozo-
Take this!
And this!
And this!
And this ...
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Redefining comedy since before the beginning...
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