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Nadia Goes to Charity Basketball Game, 2 Concerts, and Meets 'N Sync

Well I don't know if you guys remember but a while ago I wrote a story about my brother and I trying to meet NSync. Actually Nasim's got it on the page. Thankyou!!! My little brother was autistic. Well last week I finally met the guys!!!! It all started last wed. my friend found this girl who was selling an extra pass to the VIP party at planethollywood and a courtside seat so I bought them! Well we get to PLanetHollywood and their are sooooo many people standing outside waiting to see NSYNC. I waited for the people I was supposrd to go with to show up and then we got to go upstairs and hang out with the stars for three hours!! We hung out with 112, Kobe Brynat, Third Storee, Brian Mcknight, Dennis Scott, Usher, Sugar Hill Gang, Shanice, Josh Keaton, and Steve joey's brother. They we're all sooo nice!!!! :) Well NSync never got to come down once from the press conference b/c they were mobbed by the media. But my freinds and I Devin and Lauren we're talking to everyone trying to get N SYnc a copy of my story. We told Sugar Hill Gang, third storee, and 112 about it and they we're so touched. Especially the guys in Sugar Hill Gang and Thrid Storee they promised they'd try to get the story to N Sync. Well so then we just hung out and they had this auction. One of the things they we're auctioning off was to be serenaded by NSync the next day at the concert. One person would bid and her and 4 of her friends would get to be sung to on stage by the guys. Well we didn't think we would win but their we're like no fans besides us their so we won!!! It was so awesome and Steve got us on camera and so did the camera man! Well then we left for the game and it was so much fun!! We sat on the floor next to Melinda and the rest of N Sync's crew. Lol but I didn't even know it was them until Chris came over and started talking to them! the game was awesome! Justin tried to take Kobe one on one and I'm sorry to say but he got schooled!lol Chris got mad at the ref at one point so he took his shorts off!!! Then at the end of the game they pulled joey's shorts down too!!! LOL i got a picture of it too! They did it right next to where I was sitting! Then we left and Melinda said she'd call us the next day to tell us where to go to get our passes! So my friend Brooke and I told Devin and Lauren we'd meet them at their hotel at 4:30 the next day. Well I skipped school and Brooke and I went shopping at the mall to get them gifts! We bought Justin a UNC hat but It said it in japanese, joey man of steel boxers, chris a funny shirt, lance a taz shirt, and jc a sleepy stuffed animal. Well when we were in Wet Seal we saw Shanice and we talked to her for awhile she remembered us from the party and then we saw Chris Weber at Pacific Sunwear and we talked to him too. He told us not to trip when we walked on stage and that he'd be watching us to make sure we didn't. :) He told us Justin was good at basketball and we were like he wants to be in the NBA and he started laughing. He was like well he's still got a ways to go. LOL. then we left the mall and and it was like 4:15 and we got stuck in traffic so we didn't get to the hotel until 4:45 and they had left us a note saying hurry meet n greets at 5! So we were flipping out and we didn't get to the venue till 5:15 but will call hadn't even opened yet so we we're so happy!!!! Melinda got us meet n greets, 12th row tix with the rest of the celebs, and our wristbands for stage!!! We were so happy the only bad thing was that i forgot my story b/c we were in such a rush :( And i didn't have enough time to tell them about it at the meet n greet. Well Justin was kind a quiet at first and he didn't talk but he LOVED his hat! We were like do you have this one yet? and he looked at it and was like No man this is phat! lol and then he kept saying thankyou over and over again. Chris didn't look at his shirt b/c he didn't have time but we told him it was kinda sick and funny and he was like so what are you trying to say i'm sick!! and we were like no not at all and we all started to laugh!! Lance loved his shirt and he was so nice. Joey just laughed when we gave him the boxers and JC loved the sleepy stuffed animal. But the poor guy looked like he was going to drop! He was sooo tired. then Melinda told us that once we heard here we go that we were supposed to run to the left side of the stage and it was the first song!! I was sooo nervous. we lined up backstage and Chris came out and took my friend Brooke's hand and sat us down on the stairs. i sat down and Justin came over and sang to me!!!! They sang for the gir who's got Justin was sooo sweet and I liked JC the whole time until then! Lol well I still love jc but I love justin too now! He took my hand and walked me out after the song was done and he opened the curtian for me and made sure i got out ok. Then we watched the rest of the show from up front and justin waved to me and blew me a kiss!!! Then we left and we had tix for the next night. we bought front row tix at the venue on thrus so we would be up front again!!!! While i was at school on fri Brooke found their hotel and while they we're walking out she gave Joey the story and was like Joey you have to read this!!! Well she got another meet n greet pass b/c some lady had an extra one and joey didn't even let her talk to justin, chris, and lance he was like i read the story!!! he was touched but he felt bad b/c he couldn't do anything at that show but he said he would try to arrange something later!! :) then the show was awesome. the guys knew who we were so they kept looking at us and smiling. Joey soaked us with the water gun when he flew over us and Justin got me really good when he was on stage. he looked right at me and smiled and mouthed you want this and i was like yeah and he smiled and soaked me!!!! Chris tried to get me but he ran out of water!!! Ha Ha. He was soo mad!! he mouthed man!!!! it was awesome!!! So that was my Nsync experience. Thankyou guys so much for trying to help me out and caring so much but my dream came true after all!!! Their soooo nice! I hope you all get the chance to meet them someday! Especially you Nasim! You will meet Justin!! email me at if you want to talk!! Bye and thanks again for being so sweet!! Stay N SYNC Love Nadia :)