Willow and Oz

Synopsis of Relationship: Shy Witch Girl dresses as an Eskimo for cultural dance. Guitarist Guy notices her. Shy Witch Girl dresses as ghost for Halloween. Guitarist Guy sees her walking across the street sans sheet, in rocker babe outfit. Guitarist Guy says, "Who is that girl?" At Career Week both Guitarist Guy and Shy Witch Girl are selected for computer company. Guitarist Werewolf Guy's first words to her are, "Canape?" Shy Witch Girl and Guitarist Guy go on date. Guitarist Guy finds out he is a werewolf and locks himself up in his basement. Shy Witch Girl finds out but tells him she loves him anyway. Guitarist Werewolf Guy and Shy Witch Girl have steady relationship until Shy Witch Girl and Cute Zeppo Guy are caught making out by Guitarist Werewolf Guy and Tactless Bitca Girl. The four teenagers do not talk to each other for a while, but Shy Witch Girl and Cute Zeppo Guy are taken back by their better halves. Before impending Ascension of Mayor, Shy Witch Girl and Guitarist Werewolf Guy have sex. What's next?

Why Willow and Oz Should be Together

The first word that comes to mind is "Awwww!" Willow and Oz are just sooo cute together. It's probably the first relationship on BtVS that hasn't gone permanently wrong. Plus you know that Willow and Oz are totally in love and nothing can change that. It's nice to see a couple who isn't constantly fighting (see Xander and Cordelia) and doesn't have a happiness clause (see Buffy and Angel).

Why Willow and Oz Shouldn't Be Together

Like I said before, this couple is really cute together. Maybe a little too cute. Yuck! They're too cute to go on dates, they're too cute to make out, and they're just too cute to have sex. It gives a lot of people the creeps to think of The Couple From Candyland. Plus, they never seem to talk! Don't normal relationships have, like, conversations? Even Cordy and Xander talk (read: fight).

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