"Gag Reflex"


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Judy/Beatle Spike

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Judy paced the floor, majorly pissed. Why didn't he show up? Angel was supposed to come. No biggie, right? Well, he was due at Judy's motel room (the one she was currently living in) twenty minutes ago, and Judy couldn't stand tardiness.

Then, suddenly, a shadow appeared. "Hi, baby," Judy purred, trying very hard to keep her gag reflex in check. "I'm so glad you're here. Even if you *are* late."

Angel grinned. "Better late than never."

*Easy for you to say, you withered old prune,* thought Judy impatiently. But in as sexy a voice she could muster without sounding too fake, she said, "Do you want to get on with it?"

"From now on no talking, okay?"

Then they proceeded to make out, Judy pressed against the wall. Seeing the person in her bathroom move slightly, she signaled him with her index finger. He stealthily moved toward Angel.

Angel suddenly arched his back and screamed. Then he disintegrated into dust. Spike dropped the stake and it clattered to the ground.

Judy leapt into his arms and they kissed passionately. "I love you," she whispered.

"I do too, baby. It was so hard seeing you kiss him like that, though. Either you really did like it, or you're just a great actress."

Judy giggled. "Are you kidding me?" she asked. "I spent the entire time trying not to throw up. The only one I love is you."

The End (Da-da-daaaaa-da!)

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