"It's Not Easy Being Princess" Part Two

Author: Judy/Beatle Spike

Title: It's Not Easy Being Princess

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own nothing save Judy/Angie. That mean old man in LA (Joss and his weird associates) owns all the BtVS characters.

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Author's Note: Second part in the sequel to "Who's That Girl?". This section is told from Dru's POV.


"A trip?" I asked, delighted. "Where to, Spike?"

"We're going back to Sunnydale, love."

I pouted. "Sunnydale? But I don't want to go back there. You *hate* it there."

"But aren't you tired of Florence?" Spike asked. He was beginning to look rather worried, which upset me. Nothing should worry my Spike.

"Yes, dear heart, but I don't want to go back there. What waits for us there besides the Slayer?"

Spike paled. He was even whiter than usual. I began to suspect that he was hiding something from me but let it pass. Then he regained his composure and once again became the Spike I knew and loved.

"Well, love, wouldn't it be fun? You could get to see me destroy Buffy Summers, once and for all. Maybe you could even help."

I momentarily flagged in my relentless pursuit. "Well..."

A white haze that only I could see suddenly enveloped me and I moaned once before I hit the floor. There was no one to catch me.


"Dru, darling? Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. What 'appened, Spike?"

"You fainted. I suppose it's not easy being princess. The crown weighs you down all the time." He made a weak attempt at a joke, and I just had to smile. He didn't know the half of it, though. It *was* hard being princess. The tea parties and such are just too much for me to handle sometimes. And the ladies-in-waiting can be so tiresome, with their prattle about how much they wish that they could be me. Only Miss Edith never complained. She was very naughty at times, however, so I had to punish her. I don't like doing it, though. The thought led me to ask a question.

"Where's Miss Edith?"

Spike suddenly looked stricken. "Oh, love, I'm sorry. You left her in Sunnydale and I forgot all about her until we'd settled down here."

"Then we'll go to Sunnydale. I want my doll. I suppose she's been very naughty while I've been gone. Probably she's been throwing parties and charging it to my account. I *do* hate when she does that."

A smile tugged at Spike's lips, but he quickly regained his sense of authority. "Probably, love. We'll certainly have to give her a talking-to. Now, why don't we get started packing?"