"It's Not Easy Being Princess"

Author: Judy/Beatle Spike

Title: It's Not Easy Being Princess

Rating: I dunno. Probably PG-13.

Classification: Spike/Dru/Angelus/Judy

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Author's Notes: The long-awaited (yeah, right!) sequel to "Who's That Girl?". It's a little different to the original story, so bear with me. Told from Spike and Dru's POV. It will switch off each part. Part One is told from Spike's POV.


It's been three months since Dru and I left Sunnyhell. Three months without seeing her. "Her", of course, is my beautiful hippie Judy. Visions of her plague me day and night. I can't get her off my mind. It was Dru that killed her. Yes, I know Angel was the one who technically killed and changed her to save her, but Judy would have died anyway. I've never really forgiven Drusilla for doing it. I've told myself that Judy doesn't matter, she can't compare to my black goddess, but in my dead heart I still don't believe myself. I know deep within me that my attachment to Dru is purely sentimental. I've just been with her too long. Judy and I, however, clicked the first time we met.

But Judy was something else. She kept me in stitches half the time, and the other half she had me engrossed in philosphical discussions that forced me to look deep inside myself for what I truly believed in.

The phone rang. I dashed to answer it. "'ello?" I asked.

"Spike?" a female voice said. "Is it really you? I sure hope so, 'cause I've spent a fortune trying to track you down."

"Judy?" My throat went dry. "Love? This is me."

"Yes, this is Judy. I've missed you, Spike."

"I've missed you too. So is it safe to come back and risk a rendevous with you, my dear?"

"It is *very* safe to come back. Oh, wait, someone wants to talk to you. Lemme put 'em on."

"Spike, buddy. Good to talk to ya. How ya doing?" a familiar, mocking voice said.

My whole body went cold. I knew who it was instantly, even though it was impossible. "Angelus?"

"Yup, it's me. So, are ya keeping my old lady warm for me?"

Then I heard from Judy, "Angel, stop that! Let me have the phone back, you pervert."

A sullen "Fine" came from Angelus. Then my flower-wearer from San Fransisco came back on the line.

"Sorry about that. He's been quite difficult today. I don't know why. It's a guy-who-just-lost-his-soul thing, I guess."

"But I thought..."

"You thought wrong, baby. I knew something of that caliber would happen, so I said a spell that would save him just before Dru came. What you saw happen was a clone getting dusted. Angel went home, safe and sound and it came in his place. I had no idea that the spell would cause him to lose his soul, though. I brought the clone's ashes to Buffy along with a couple of his clothes. She thinks he's dead, which is good. Of, course, that annoying boy with the dark hair is ecstatic. Angel wants you guys to come back."

"Well, do *you* want me to come back?"

"Of course."

"But Dru will try to kill you, or you'll kill her in self-defense."

"I'll place a spell on her making her forget that she ever saw us together, or almost killed me, or that she could have killed Angel," Judy promised.

"All right. We'll be there in a few days. Can you have the spell done by, oh, say Friday?"

"No problem. As soon as we hang up I'll get right on it."


"I'll be counting the days until you come."

Then she hung up. I turned to Drusilla and said as brightly as I could under the circumstances, "Guess what, princess? We're going on a trip."

Part Two