"Opposites Attract"


Hi everyone. Well today I was reading the book Pratical Magic from the movie. Well anyway in the beginning I read a short passage that I thought might fit the whole Spike being involved with someone that is the opposite of him in most ways. For me this relationship would be between Buffy and Spike, just like everyone else on the BSUA list. Well anyway here's the passage: "[T]he moon is always jealous of the heat of the day, just as the sun always longs for something dark and deep." So there is the passage and the challenge is to use the passage in a fic. I hope this gives someone an idea. I would write the fic, but I have no writing talent at all. --Dawn/Spoiled Spike


Disclaimer: I own nothing, not the passage, not the characters. I own this story, though!

Author: Judy/Beatle Spike

Rating: PG

Note: This is a Spike/Buffy/Xander fic.

Distribution: Spike Girls. Everyone else, please ask.

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Buffy didn't know where she was running, or why. All she could remember was that someone had hurt her horribly. Exhausted, she sank to the ground on her knees. Buffy reached up to wipe off her face. Her cheeks were wet. She thought, *Why is my face wet? I haven't been crying. Or have I?* She had been so intent on her unknown destination she wasn't aware of anything else. Then Buffy looked up. The warehouse? What was she doing here?

Someone called, "Buffy! Where are you? I'm sorry. Please come out."

Then she suddenly remembered. It was Xander. The Xander who had called her all those horrible names back at the library. The awful memories came rushing back to Buffy, and she didn't answer him. She couldn't believe that she had actually slept with him, and then he did that. Instead she ducked into the warehouse. Buffy knew Xander wouldn't look for her there. For one thing, he was too scared of Spike. And he was also too naive (by this I mean stupid) to think that Buffy might be interested in someone else, that she would come crawling back to him after all that.

A scouse voice from behind said laughingly, "Who are you hiding from this time, Angel or Xander?"

Buffy whirled around, furious. "Shut up!" With that she began to cry.

"What did I do?" asked Spike, bewildered. He had never really liked the Slayer, but at the moment he almost felt sorry for her.

"It's Xander. He...he--" The rest of the sentence was lost in her sobs. Buffy didn't have to finish her sentence for Spike to know what had happened: Xander had hurt her terribly. And he had done it after a moment of intimacy. Spike wanted to kill Xander.

*Wait a minute,* he thought. *This is the bloody Slayer. Why should I care about her feelings? God knows she doesn't care about mine.* But in spite of himself he put his arms around her and they kissed.

*What am I doing?* Buffy asked herself. *I don't even like Spike, much less love him, and here I am playing "Mr. Smith Goes French" with him.*

Instead of listening to their thoughts they kissed again, listening to their hearts, one dead and lifeless, the other warm and vibrant with youthful energy. Spike hadn't bothered to bleach his hair for the past few months, and it had returned to its original dark brown with no encouragement. Buffy's blonde hair brushed his shoulder. If you had been watching the scene, you would have seen two bodies pressed close against each other, one pale yet dark at the same time, and one golden and beautiful.

Spike murmured in between kisses, "'The moon is always jealous of the heat of day, just as the sun always longs for something dark and deep.'" To him, it seemed to perfectly fit the moment.

Buffy pulled away slightly, surprised. "You read?"

"Of course, luv. How else do you think I pass the time?"

Buffy thought, *So we're not so different after all. Alike, but different, too.*

They kissed again, deeply and passionately, ignoring Xander's pleas for Buffy's return.


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