My Life As A Dog

Author: Judy

Title: My Life As A Dog

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own Spike, Dru, Willow, or Sunshine.

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Author's Notes: This is what I think goes on in Sunshine's (remember the puppy?) mind.


I guess I'd better start by telling you that I'm not really a dog. Yeah, I look like one, and when I try to talk, it just comes out sounding like barking. And the black-and-white vision is a real bitch, but I've learned to live with it.

My previous owner was a witch. I was her brother. I wasn't too nice too her, but I didn't really deserve to be turned into a dog. I got my due when Drusilla killed her. I laughed the entire time.

My life's not too bad. I get fed pretty regularly; of course, Spike's the one who remembers. I get lots of scratching behind the ears. The only bad part is when I get dressed up for tea parties with Miss Edith and her friends. Miss Edith is Dru's favorite doll. As you can tell, she's a little nuts. It's interesting. And fun. If you just sit back and relax, you can learn a lot. Such as what's going on right now.

"Spike?" I hear Drusilla say.

"Yeah, love?"

"I need something for Miss Edith. She says our party is not quite right. It's...missing something."

"What's it missing?"



"Yes. Black cherries, dark as night, soaked in blood."

"All right. If blood-soaked cherries is what my baby wants, blood-soaked cherries is what my baby's going to get."

"Thank you, Spike."

"You're welcome, baby. Sunshine?" My ears perk up.

"C'mere. We're going on a little trip."

I wonder who we're going to kill this time.

As we walk along the dark street, Spike tells me, "Come along. We're gonna get the Slayer. It's the perfect treat for Dru. That Slayer bitch, she's been trying to mess up our plans from the day we got to this wretched town."

Drusilla doesn't know it, but Spike talks to me all the time. I suppose it's because he can tell me things without interruption. That's why he started to take me everywhere.

"Spike!" I recognize the person as Willow, a red-headed witch.

"Hello, cutie. Whatcha doin' this time of night?"

She looks wary. Run while you can, little girl. You may not be the Slayer, but there's enough power in you to satisfy *this* couple.

"I'm just...out. What do you want, Spike?"

"You." And his face transforms into a vampire's. He picks up a huge stick off of the ground and whacks her across the back of the head with it. Score!

"Come on, Sunshine. Let's get those cherries."

Spike breaks into a closed Mom-and-Pop store while I keep watch over Willow. If she wakes up I get to bite her. "Stay," he tells me. Like I'm really gonna go anywhere. I wait a few minutes and then he emerges with a huge bag of black cherries.

"Let's go home." Spike slings the unconscious girl over his shoulder and we head back toward the factory.

"While Dru's asleep, I'll prepare the cherries. Don't let her come in, no matter what."

Three hours later, Spike creeps into Drusilla's room and gently shakes her awake. "Love?" "What, Spike?" Dru stretches on the bed languidly and yawns. The way she does it reminds me of a cat.

"I've got something for you."

"A pressie?"

"A pressie." He places a bowl on the bed.

Dru's face lights up. "My cherries! Whose blood is it?"

"I wasn't able to get the Slayer, but I got one of her friends. That little red-headed witch."

Drusilla slowly nibbles at the cherry. "Mmm, Spike, I can feel the power! Miss Edith think that you should join us."

"I will do that, pet." Spike picks a perfect cherry out of the glass bowl and feeds it to her. They stay there until morning, eating the forbidden fruit.

And that's only a fraction of what goes on in this dog's life.

~The End~