Cordelia and Xander

Synopsis of Relationship: Cute Zeppo Guy and Tactless Bitca Girl have falling-out in Kindergarten over Shy Witch Girl. Cute Zeppo Guy and Shy Witch Girl form We Hate Cordelia Club. Shy Witch Girl pines over Cute Zeppo Guy, but Cute Zeppo Guy is clueless. So Shy Witch Girl falls in love with Guitarist Werewolf Guy. Cute Zeppo Guy, while trapped in Slayer Girl's basement during Worm Guy Situation, kisses Tactless Bitca Girl, who kisses back. They meet in closets for about two months, when finally they go public. Tactless Bitca Girl's friends (aka Vapid Sheep) make fun of Cute Zeppo Guy and Tactless Bitca Girl. Tactless Bitca Girl breaks up with Cute Zeppo Guy on Valentine's Day. To get her back, Cute Zeppo Guy casts love spell that goes awry. They get back together regardless of what the Vapid Sheep say and live happily (sort of) until Cute Zeppo Guy is caught kissing Shy Witch Girl. Then they get back together. Tactless Bitca Girl's family goes broke, so Cute Zeppo Guy pays for her prom dress. She thinks that Wussy Watcher Guy paid for it, but doesn't know the truth until after the prom. But now Tactless Bitca Girl is leaving for L.A. with Brooding Vampire Guy. What will happen to Cute Zeppo Guy's and Tactless Bitca Girl's relationship?

Why Cordelia and Xander Should Be Together

Yeah, they fight a lot, but it's fun to watch because they always kiss and make up. Well, except after Lovers' Walk. That took a little longer. But Cordy and Xander are so entertaining! I will never forget how shocked I was when they first kissed during What's My Line. To me, it was totally unexpected. They always do stuff like that. I love unpredictability.

Why Cordelia and Xander Shouldn't Be Together

Well, for one thing, Xander's too good for Cordelia! Most of the time, she treats him like something that crawled into the sewer and died. And her obsession with Wesley? Puh-leeze! He's, like, thirty. And it doesn't help matters that she kissed him in Graduation Day Part Two. It was disgusting! And now that she's going off to L.A. with Angel, who knows what's going to happen? Poor Xander. But maybe he can hook up with a nicer person.