"How About We Finish What We Started?"


Author: Judy/Beatle Spike

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters; I wish I did, but Joss, WB, Mutant Enemy, and Fox do. Caitlin, Katie, and Judy all own themselves.

Rating: Umm...PG-13, I guess, for language, violence, and for the rather adult emotions expressed here.

Spoilers: Season 3, I think, minus Faith, 'cause Judy came instead to take Kendra's place (God rest her soul).

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Summary: Caitlin Fitzgerald and Katie Little come to Sunnydale to visit their good friend Judy, and some interesting stuff happens. To find it out, read my story! Told from Xander's, Judy's, and Willow's POV.

Author's Note: This is my first multiple POV, so be kind. I just want to show what different people are thinking. I don't have Caitlin's POV on purpose, because she's the central character (it makes for a more interesting story) and also because I don't know what goes on inside her head. Since Xander, Willow, and Judy (this Judy, at least; she's loosely modeled on me) are fictional, I can do whatever I want. Paragraphs and sentences enclosed in *'s are Willow's second section are Willow's thoughts. Anything enclosed in ^'s in that section are Judy's thoughts. And Caitlin, this is for you, like I promised. And now, without further ado...the story!!!



I don't know what happened. One minute I'm making out with Cordelia, and the next, she's screaming at me. What did I do?

"God, Xander, you are such a jerk!" she screeches. Without meaning to I put my hands over my ears. That just seems to make her even madder, but I don't care. I still want to know what went wrong.

"Tell me again. What did I do?" I ask, very patiently (for me, that is).

Cordy turns purple and splutters, "You, you...oh, you just make me want to...oooh!" Then she stomps away.

I call after her, "Purple isn't a good color on you, Cordy! It makes the rest of you look yellow!" She turns around and gives me the finger just before she disappears into the crowd.

I face the gang and say, "Explain, please."

Buffy sighs. She looks impatient and angry, but I don't think that it's because of me. I can't place at whom she's angry with, though. "She's upset because you zoned out on her while she started talking to you about the Autumn Formal. Although I can't blame you. She is sooo boring about stuff like that."

"Oh," I say, relieved, "is that all?" I say this because I know Cordelia'll get over it in a few days. But I can't help feeling hurt.

Attempting to changing the subject, Judy says brightly, "Look! Caitlin and Katie are here! Hey, over here!" She waves to two blondes.

They run over to hug Judy. One of them, the taller one, says, "We missed you so much!"

"I missed you too. Is Maryland holding up without me?" asks Judy.

The shorter one says, "Yeah, but it's not the same without you. I still can't believe our parents let us visit."

"Yeah," agrees the tall one, "but they let us do it 'cause they know how 'responsible' you are, Judy." No one misses the emphasis on the word "responsible". The three girls collapse into giggles.

"Anyway, I've gotta introduce you guys to the gang. Gang," Judy addresses us, pointing to the tall girl, "this nut over here is Katie Little. She and I went to Mercy High School together. And this loon," she points to the slightly shorter one, "is Caitlin Fitzgerald. The three of us all went to Saint Stephen's together for grade school. Girls, this is Buffy Summers. She's sort of the leader of our group. Next to her, standing in the shadows, is our friend Angel. You can't really see him too well 'cause he's kinda shy." I see Angel give Judy a thank-you look. "And this is Willow Rosenberg. She's really intelligent, maybe smarter than even me." Judy grins. "I know, I know. Shameless self-promotion, that's my motto. But this is Willow's boyfriend Oz. He plays in a band sometimes here at the Bronze. And then there's Xander. You'll totally love him! He always has something to say, to say the least. Uh oh. I'm rambling. Someone else start talking, please."

Caitlin asks me, "Do you have a girlfriend? I would think that if Judy's telling the truth about you, you'd have one."

"He does," Buffy saves me from having to talk, "but she's decided to take a leave of absence. You know, the whole Autumn Formal thing, details while making out, you get the picture."

"Oh. Well, she doesn't sound like a very good girlfriend if she gets mad over *that*," says Caitlin. "I'm going to get something to drink. Anybody want anything?"

Katie says, "I do. Can you bring me back a Diet Coke? I'll pay you for it when we get back to Maryland. I'm a little hard up for cash right now."

Suddenly I have this driving urge to hurt Cordy, hurt her the way she hurt me all those times, when I didn't deserve it. I say, "I'll go with you." Caitlin beams at me, and we walk towards the concessions counter, hand in hand. And neither of us sees the look on Willow's face.



Okay. I know I shouldn't be jealous. I know I shouldn't be upset. I know that I already have a perfectly wonderful, loving boyfriend. But why does it hurt so much to see Xander and Caitlin together? I want to say something, I don't know what, but I want to make one of those sarcastic, biting remarks that seems to flow so easily from people like Buffy and Judy. People like Xander. My Xander. The Xander who always stuck up for me, like on the first day of kindergarten when Cordelia hurt my feelings by saying something mean about my choice of clothing, and Xander dumped...oh god, what was it?...something on her head. It resulted in him getting a time-out, but he didn't care. The Xander who always told me how I looked great, even on my worst bad-hair days. The Xander whom I loved since sixth grade, but he wasn't even aware of my romantic interest in him. He only had eyes for Buffy, then Cordelia, and finally Caitlin. My Xander. I sigh, and Oz shoots me a look that is the closest thing for him that comes to surprise. I know he loves me, and I love him. I have every reason on Earth to be happy with him. But why does it hurt so much to be in love with Xander Harris at the same time?



What just happened? One minute I'm introducing my old friends to my new friends, and everyone's happy, right? Well, almost everyone. No one missed that look on Xander's face after *Whoredelia* stomped away. Then Caitlin starts making goo-goo eyes at him, and he falls like putty right into her hands. But Katie and I both know that Caitlin just broke up with Tim, and she's in a lot of pain right now. Just like Xander has been burned so many times by his *girlfriend* that I think he's ready to give up. But maybe Xander and Caitlin were meant to be with each other. Katie looks at me and shrugs, secure in her own relationship with Jack. In fact, next summer they're going to get married, after Katie turns eighteen. Then I look at Willow because she sighed so loudly. What can she be thinking? I know that she and Oz are even tighter than a slip knot, but it's also a known fact between her and me that she's never lost her feelings for Xander. Plus the fact that Oz caught Willow and Xander kissing earlier in the school year also clued me in. Well, I tell myself, I could read her mind if I wanted to...NO! I won't do it! After that thing with Giles I will NEVER do that again...But maybe if I can figure out what's wrong with Willow I can help her...



It's been ten minutes since we went to get drinks, but instead of doing that I've been making out with Caitlin. And it feels good, good to know that I don't have to answer to Cordelia's every beck and call.

"Spoiled brat." I don't realize at first that I've said that out loud.

Caitlin looks up at me. "Who?"


"Is it Cordelia? If I were you I'd give her a taste of her own medicine. It sounds like she needs it. Badly."

I shush her. "No more talking, okay?" And then I kiss her again, long and hard.

"Xander! What the hell are you doing with that...that slut?" Oh shit. That can only be one person's shrieking. Odds are two to one that it's...

"Cordy! Uh, what are you doing here?" I stammer, not really sure why I should feel guilty, but I do.

She puts her hands on her hips. "I left my purse here, and I came back to get it. When I did, I found you kissing *her*!"

Caitlin yells indignantly, "You can't talk to him like that! And you can't talk about *me* like that! Where were you raised, a freakin' barn?"

For the second time tonight Cordy turns purple. "Bitch!" she screams.

Caitlin lunges at her with a powerful punch to the face. "How'd ya like that nose to return to its original shape, ya spoiled rich bitch?"

Cordelia shrieks in pain and makes a few futile attempts to retaliate. I want to interfere, but I find I'm frozen to my spot. Besides, I'd get killed if I tried to do anything.

A crowd gathers quickly and someone calls out, "Catfight!"



I have the weirdest feeling that my mind's being...I dunno. Invaded, I guess. I can hear a foreign yet familiar, barely-heard voice inside my head saying, ^Come on, there's gotta be something here.^ The voice sounds perplexed by something, and concerned. I can hear something that sounds like books being leafed through. Then, ^Willow, why are you so upset? You can tell me. I'll keep your secret.^

"Who are you?" At first I don't realize that I've said it out loud. Embarrassed, I glance around, and I see that Judy is staring at me, staring right into my eyes, searching for something.

The voice inside my mind whispers, ^You're looking right at me, and I can see into you. But I'm here to help you, not hurt you.^

*What do you want?*

^I know you're hurting inside, and I figured that this way would be easier than talking where anyone might hear us. I wanted to just get in and get out, but as you know I'm not very skilled yet. I'm your best friend, Willow. You can talk to me.^

*Remember the beginning of the school year when Oz caught Xander and me kissing? Well, I haven't lost my feelings for him. I love Oz, but I love him too.*

^I can't tell you what to do, but you do know that Xander has moved on?^

I nod miserably. *I wish he hadn't.*

^He has, and you need to too. But I know it will take a long time to heal. But remember that you do have a very forgiving boyfriend, one that loves you. Any other man would have dumped you then and there. Oh. I'm sorry to be so crude, but that's the best way I can put it.^

*Thanks for trying to he--*

My silent communication with Judy is broken off by someone yelling, "Catfight!"



I feel horrible for doing that. It's an invasion of privacy. If you think about it, it's a breach of rights and if people actually believe what I say, I could get arrested. But I had to find out what was wrong. I couldn't just let her sit there like that. If I did she would explode. Willow's a lot like my brother: not a hot-tempered person, takes a long time to get upset, but when she becomes upset it's explosive. She is in the middle of a sentence when we hear the call from the part of the Bronze near the stage.

We race over there, Willow, Oz, Angel, Buffy, Katie, and I, to see what's going on. When I get there I can't believe my eyes. Caitlin and Cordelia aren't just having a catfight. It's the kind of fight that's like the kind I have with vamps and other nasty demons. Xander is just standing there, frozen with shock. Katie and Willow physically haul him out of the vicinity of the fighting. In a split second I appraise the sitch. To put it in short, Caitlin is kicking Cordelia's ass.

Even though I am silently cheering Caitlin on, it takes both me and Buffy to pull her off of Cordelia. Angel reaches down and helps Cordelia to her feet. She is sobbing with pain and humiliation, and her nose is swollen to over twice its size.

Feeling contemptous, I call, "Hey, look! Klinger's back from Korea!" and Angel glares at me over Cordelia's head. He is holding Cordy in an embrace, telling her not to cry, it'll be all right. Cordy and Angel? It doesn't seem quite right. I'm glad that Buffy and Angel aren't an item anymore, because from the way Buffy's looking at him...well, to put it this way, if looks could kill, Angel could fit into an ashtray right about now.

Caitlin is grinning. She barely has a scratch on her. Linking her arm through Xander's, she says, "How about we finish what we started?"


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