"Who's That Girl?" Part Three

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At school the next day it seemed as if Judy had zoned out. She walked around all day with a vague but happy look on her face. Judy had the expression of someone who is deeply in love...and something else, too, that no one could place. No one could get a straight answer out of her, but at least she wasn't under the influence of anything evil, Buffy decided. Well, that was what she *hoped*. Later at the Bronze Judy lost that look. She became alert and looked hopeful about something.

Then Spike walked in. He appeared to be searching for somebody, and Judy's face lit up, then darkened with dismay. She gave him a furtive look that said, "Not now! Come back later!" She knew that Spike and Angel hated each other from firsthand experience of listening to the way they talked about one another. She was also aware that Buffy and Spike hated each other, just from the way Spike had told Judy about Buffy and her calling. Even though Angel and Buffy had screwed and all that, Judy still liked her as a friend. Judy didn't give a rat's ass about Angel; she was keeping him on a "silken thread", as Shakespeare so delightfully worded it in Act II, scene ii in "Romeo and Juliet" (the part about how Juliet wishes she could keep Romeo on a string like a little pet bird so she can pull it back to her at will). *He is wonderful to have around for a playtoy, she thought gleefully. But soon Spike and I will be together, and Buffy can have her Hair Boy.* Then, looking at Angel, she thought in disgust, *God, I wish he would do something with his hair. Anything. Eeeew, his hair sucks. Majorly.*

Spike looked disappointed, but he left and that was the main thing Judy was trying to get him to do at the moment. Angel muttered under his breath, "Good riddance."

Buffy turned to him. "What was that?" she asked. She had been busy watching Xander and Cordy dance. Cordelia, of course, was the one dancing. And Willow had been at the front of the Bronze near the stage, gazing up in adoration as Oz played his repetitive three chords, the only ones he and his band knew.

"Nothing. Spike was here, but he left," said Angel, not wanting to start anything.

"That's good, but how did you get him to leave without resorting to violence?"

Angel frowned, making him look even sillier than ever, Judy thought. "I don't know. He looked...I dunno, disappointed or something, and then he left."

"He probably didn't see anyone young or pretty enough. If he wants a model, why doesn't he just go down to L.A. and get some blonde bimbo?" Buffy sneeered, forgetting for the moment that she herself was blonde.

"Don't talk about him that way!" Judy wanted to shout. "You don't even know Spike!" Instead she said abruptly, "I hate to skip out on you guys, but I really have to go. You know, the aunt-curfew-study thing. Tell the others goodbye for me." Then she left as quickly as possible without seeming suspicious.


Spike heard his name being called, so he turned around. Angie was running, trying to catch up with him. He stopped, and when she did, they embraced.

"How about we finish this someplace cozier?" asked Judy in between kisses.

"Like my place?" Spike returned her question with another question. He grinned devilishly.

"No, I was thinking more like my place. You know that if Dru or Angel finds out they'd kill us."

"True," mused Spike.

"Then it's settled. Come on, let's go." Angie took Spike's arm and they turned the corner.

Neither of them saw Drusilla hiding in the shadows of the alley. She had come to that spot to see if she could catch dinner. Dru hadn't had any luck yet. She was clutching her doll Miss Edith with a bewildered and hurt look on her face.

"Spike," she whispered. Then her face contorted with anger, and without realizing it she reverted to her vampiric visage. "It's that dark thing that came. I should have known. It's the Slayer. The new one, that came after I killed that other one. I didn't like her. She was too easy to kill. Well, I'll have to do something about that. This time I'll make it longer and more painful. It will be fun. But first I'll tell Angel. Then we can do it together."


Angel stared at Dru. "You want me to what?"

"You're going to help me kill the Slayer."

"I couldn't kill Buffy. What's she ever done to you?"

Drusilla became irritated. "Not her! The other Slayer!"

Angel tried to play dumb. "What other Slayer? I don't know of any other Slayer."

Dru wasn't about to be taken in by it. She may have been insane, but she was smart. "You know who I mean. The one called Angie by my Spike. The dark one with green eyes. You call her Judy," she hissed.

Angel went cold all over. "No. I won't do it," he refused.

Drusilla leaned in, her dark eyes snapping with delighted malice. "She doesn't love you; she loves Spike. I heard her say so. I've been watching her for days. But I love you, Angel. Not like her. After we kill her we can be together. Forever."

"No. I won't do it," Angel repeated.

"If you won't do it, then I will. I'll enjoy killing her. She doesn't deserve you, or Spike, either." With that she flounced out.

Angel didn't know where Judy was, but he was going to find out before Drusilla did.


Giles' eyes went wide. "My word," he murmured upon hearing of Dru's plan. "We'll certainly have to find her," he told Angel.

Angel said, "You get the gang. I'll meet you in front of her place: the Watling Hotel on Pike Road. And hurry." With that he hung up with a sharp click.


"Mmmmmph...Spike, stop it!" Angie said playfully after a particularly passionate kiss. She was pressed up against a wall.

" 'None of the fools you've ever known have kissed you like this, have they?' Certainly not your stupid Angel."

"How can you quote Gone With the Wind at a time like this?" asked Angie.

Spike grinned. "Because, pet, I happen to know it's one of your favorite novels. It's also one of mine."

Angie said in mock horror, "You actually read books? Perish the thought!"

"Of course I do, luv. How do you think I pass the time between tea parties with Dru and eating Happy Meals?"

"I dunno; you design restraint chairs for her? Just think: One day you can patent them; and mental hospitals will sing your praises. Or better yet, you sew stuffed animals for Dru in the hopes that she'll think they're real. Luckily for the animals they won't be killed from lack of necessities." Spike and Angie both laughed. "But seriously, Spike, I've gotta get in. It's a school day tomorrow; can't miss that. And you've gotta get home too. You know that Drusilla will be out looking for you soon, and you and I certainly don't want to get caught. We've been fooling her for thirty years. Why should we stop now?"

"Quite right, luv. It has been fun, don't you think?"

"Yeah." They kissed again. "Until tomorrow night, my sweet," said Angie softly. She touched his arm and was gone.

Spike turned the corner, heading for home. Angel swore under his breath. He had been shadowing Angie so she wouldn't get hurt by a certain crazy vampiress. *So it is true,* he thought desparingly. *She does love him.* But he pushed the awful realization out of his mind and concentrated on another fact. *She's almost home, so she doesn't need me anymore. I might as well go home too. But on second thought...*


Angie hummed to herself as she walked down the deserted road toward her motel room. She kept her eyes only on her gauzy little jacket sleeves. She loved playing with them because they were so handy. The jacket was her favorite piece of clothing: a camoflauge-colored flimsy number with sleeves that suddenly flared out at the elbow to a circumference of at least thirty-six inches, a remnant of the sixties, and it tied just underneath her chest. She was wearing it overtop a white tank top with a black miniskirt and black leather boots that reached her knee. Her dark hair was pulled back with a huge gold butterfly clip, and some loose strands fell in her face.

Angie leaned against an abandoned building to rest for a second. All that kissing had made her tired. Angie closed her eyes. Big mistake. As she reached up to brush the loose strands out of her face, her stubby golden-tan hands were instantly caught by slender, long, pale ones. "I've been waiting for you all night. I don't like to be kept waiting," said a breathy, singsong voice.

Angie opened her eyes even though she knew who it was instantly. "Drusilla."

"Yes, it's me. Have you had fun tonight? I hope you have, because you won't be alive to enjoy tomorrow." For all her apparent frailty, Dru was surprisingly strong. Angie suddenly wrenched free and delivered a side kick to Drusilla's head. "Naughty, naughty. Miss Edith says that was a bad thing to do. Now I really will have to kill you." Dru carefully laid her doll down on the sidewalk, anticipating the fight that lay ahead. "Now, Miss Edith, you be good and Mummy will give you a treat later," she chastised the doll. Then she punched Angie in the face, hard.

"Oooh, you are so going to pay for that," Angie growled. From hearing Spike talk, she knew the center of Dru's life. When Drusilla tried to take a swing, Angie sidestepped easily...and onto Miss Edith. The beautiful porcelain head crushed like a bug under Angie's feet.

Dru screamed in anguish. Then she advanced towards Angie. "You killed my child. I had many children, but she was my favorite. And you killed her." Drusilla began to cry.

Angie grinned maliciously. "Oops, sorry. Know of any good doll repair places around here?" she said, not sounding very sorry. But she was unprepared for what came next: Dru had her pinned against the wall in a second. Her sharp nails were like claws on Angie's skin. Dru slashed again and again. Finally Angie could stand it no more.

She screamed, "Help me! Jesus Christ, someone please help me! Anyone!" Then, with a renewed burst of strength, she threw Dru off of her, knocking her to the ground, and started running. Dru was out cold.

Angel, not knowing what would happen next, ran to the hotel to enlist the rest of the gang's help. Angie may not have loved him, but he still loved her, and the only thing on his mind was to keep her safe.

Angel crashed into the group of six heading the opposite direction. They had heard both Dru's and Angie's screams and had come running, Buffy explained in a rush. Angel briefed them on the situation on the way. Angel had a feeling where Judy (as I will now call her, because that is how the gang knows her) was headed.


Judy ached all over. Her pretty face was bruised and her front was covered in blood. Dru had slashed her in the most painful place she possibly could have. Judy's chest was slashed to ribbons. (Not to mention the numerous lesions all over her body.)

"Spike?" she called weakly. "Help me." Then, summoning all of her strength, as loud as she could yell, "Spike!"

Spike was irritated at her yelling right in his ear. "'Ey, what's the big--" Then he looked horrified. She collapsed into his arms, soaking his shirt with blood. "Princess, who did this to you?" he asked softly. "I swear to God I'll kill whoever did this." It was the first time he had ever called her "Princess". It was a term that he only used with Drusilla.

"To do that, you would have to kill the one other person you love," she whispered.

Just then the Scooby Gang arrived, out of breath. Judy and Spike turned around, and only then did the others see the extent of her damage. Even if she lived, which was highly improbable, she would be in poor health all of her life. Judy reached out a limp hand to them. She indicated that she wanted to stand up, so Spike let go. She collapsed almost instantly. Luckily Angel caught her and gently let her sink to the ground. Judy's eyes were closed and she was horribly pale. Buffy knew that death wasn't far behind.

Judy's eyes fluttered open. "I haven't gone yet, so don't worry," she said weakly. "But I will, no doubt, and very soon."

Angel whispered, "Don't talk like that. You'll be fine."

Judy smiled. "You always were a bad liar, Angel." She began to cough up blood.

Frightened, Spike turned to Angel. "Do something!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Make her one of us. With your blood and her Slayer's personality she will be perfect. You can have her. Just so she doesn't die. Please."

His eyes were so full of despair that Angel said

At that precise moment Drusilla chose to show up, her demonic eyes blazing. "Spike. I should have known you would be with that witch. My mummy always said witches were bad. I never believed her until today. She took you away from me."

She advanced upon the prostrate Judy, cradled in Angel's arms. Spike grabbed Dru. "I don't want to hurt you, luv. Doesn't mean I won't." They commenced fighting.

Angel looked at Buffy, helpless. Judy was fading fast. "Do it. We love her as much as you do," she said quietly.

Carefully, so she wouldn't feel any pain, Angel began to drain Judy of her life's blood. Cordelia winced, but for once she was silent. Willow was sobbing.

Spike sent Drusilla flying. From his demeanor, though, one could tell that he didn't really want to hurt her. Every now and then Spike would cast an anxious glance at Judy and Angel. By this point in time, she was beginning to suck Angel's blood. If he could just hold Dru off until they were done... Dru was no slouch at fighting, either. She was very strong, as I've mentioned before, and Spike as well as she was sporting many bruises. After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only two minutes, Angel and Judy were finished. Judy stood up with renewed strength. Even her worst wounds were already beginning to heal.

Drusilla wasn't as diverted as everyone had hoped. From underneath her white gown, now stained with Judy's blood, she pulled out a stake that she had pilfered from Buffy's Slayer Bag upon her entrance. She hurled it at Judy with reflexes worthy of even the best Slayer. Angel, without even thinking, ran in front of her and intercepted the stake, right in the heart.

Judy screamed as Angel turned to dust.

His last words were, "I love you." For years afterward there would be a dispute over as to whom Angel said it to.

Buffy dropped onto her knees next to Angel's ashes and began to sob, heartbroken. Judy turned to Xander and said quietly, "Take her home. Now. Things could get...well, you know." Xander nodded and put his arms around her. He helped her stand up, and with the support of Willow, he led her home. They would stay in Buffy's kitchen all night with Joyce, who was just as upset as Buffy was. Joyce didn't know Angel very well, had even made some horrible prejudgements about him, but she still suffered with her daughter.

The alley was quiet with only Oz, Dru, Spike, and Judy. Judy was silently seething with rage at Drusilla, Oz was scared stiff that if he said anything or tried to leave he would promptly get his throat ripped out, and Spike was contemplating his dilemma. Dru, meanwhile, was gloating over her victory. She had won. But then the thought of Miss Edith's demise came floating back to her and she began to weep loudly. The only sound in the alley for fully ten minutes was that of her wails.

*What am I going to do?* Spike asked himself. *If I want to be with Dru, the only way I could do that would be to kill Angie, because Dru couldn't handle having her alive even if we went to Europe. I could go with Angie, but I would have to kill Dru because she would try to kill Angie. I don't want to lose either of them. I've been with Dru for too long, and I truly love Angie... Or I could go away with Dru for a while, leave her there for a spell, and come back to Sunnydale. Yes. That's it. That way no one gets killed, and I know Angie will understand.*

"So who's it gonna be?" a voice cut into his thoughts. It was Angie.

"I'm...I'm going," Spike drew a deep breath, trying to ignore the piercing stares that the two women were giving him, "with...Dru."

Dru threw her cold arms around Spike. "I knew you'd choose me! I knew it!"

Spike looked over Dru's shoulder and winked at Angie. She looked sad, but winked back. They both knew he'd be back.


The next night, a knock sounded on Buffy's door. Joyce answered it. She called upstairs, "Buffy, you have a visitor!"

The voice that came back down said, "I don't want to see anyone."

Judy urged Joyce, "Tell her that it's Judy."

"It's Judy!" Joyce yelled.

"Please let me in, Buffy. I've got something for you. It's from Angel."

A sudden pounding sound came from the stairs. "From Angel?" Buffy appeared, red-eyed from weeping.

"Come in," invited Joyce. "You're the first person she's seen all day."

"Let's go to the kitchen," said Judy. "We can talk there."

After the girls had settled themselves on stools, Judy said, "I brought these for you. Angel...he would have wanted you to have them." She held out an urn and a bag of clothing.

Out of the bag Buffy pulled Angel's duster and a few of his shirts. "I can't keep this," she whispered.

"Yes, you can," Judy insisted.

"No, I really can't."

"Why not?"

"Because...because..." Buffy couldn't finish her sentence, so Judy did it for her.

"Because it reminds you of him too much?" she said softly.

Buffy nodded and burst into tears for the umpteenth time that day. Judy put her arms around Buffy and silently cursed Drusilla for all of the pain she had caused. Finally Buffy stopped crying and straightened up on her stool. "So, are you still living in your motel room? Because, if you don't have any place to go you can stay with us."

"That's okay. A couple of days ago Angel asked me to move in with him." Before Buffy could say anything, Judy rushed on, "He saw that trashy hotel and immediately offered for me to move in with him. Had he lived we would have, of course, occupied different rooms, so don't wig out. We were very close friends, but he would have done that for anyone. He was so generous. I decided to take him up on the offer. I hope you don't mind."

Buffy suddenly got a very strange look on her face. She seized Judy by the shoulders. "Bring Angel back!" she pleaded. "You're a powerful witch, bring him back. I know you can do it."

Judy shook her head. "No, Buffy. It wouldn't be fair to him. He's at peace now. Don't make me ruin it for him. I want Angel back too, and I could perform a spell to do it, but I'm not going to be selfish."

The reason Buffy knew this information was that Giles had told her the night before. Buffy sighed. "You're right. But we'll get him back, I don't know how. But some day."

*And Spike, too,* Judy thought.

***~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~***

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