Buffy and Angel

Synopsis of Relationship: Slayer Girl meets Cryptic Guy. Cryptic Guy Stays cryptic until Slayer Girl and Cryptic Guy kiss. He vamps out, Slayer Girl makes him leave. Slayer Girl and Cryptic Guy make up; Cryptic Guy tells Slayer Girl about his past. Cryptic Guy turns into Brooding Vampire Guy. Brooding Vampire Guy and Slayer Girl have a lasting relationship. Then they have sex. Brooding Vampire Guy turns into Evil Vampire Guy. Evil Vampire Guy harasses Slayer Girl and her friends Shy Witch Girl, Werewolf Guitarist Guy, Cute Zeppo Guy, and Tactless Bitca Girl. Shy Witch Girl finds spell to restore Evil Vampire Guy's soul. Evil Vampire Guy finds spell to open mouth of Hell. Slayer Girl finds out about it and fights Evil Vampire Guy. Shy Witch Girl casts Spell of Restoration. Evil Vampire Guy regains his soul. Slayer Girl sends him to Hell anyway to close the Hellmouth. Slayer Girl runs away to L.A. She comes back to find that Evil Vampire Guy is back from Hell. Only now he is back to being Brooding Vampire Guy again. Slayer Girl and Brooding Vampire Guy play Do-We-Stay-Together-Or-Do-We-Break-Up angsty game for the rest of the school year. Brooding Vampire Guy leaves for L.A. with Tactless Bitca Girl. Confused yet? :-)

Why Buffy and Angel Should Be Together

Buffy and Angel's relationship is probably the center of the BtVS universe. It is the basis for most of the episodes. They are really sweet to watch when they're not being angsty. When Buffy gave up her virginity to Angel, the best thing she could ever give him, their world shattered. At first Angel seemed to be the typical insensitive male after sex, with his "Love ya. I'll call ya." In another show, you might expect that. But in BtVS he loses his soul; but it's actually pretty relevant in this world. It's the insensitive male thing to the extreme; every girl's worst nightmare. All in all, it's very satisfying to see how their relationship evolves.

Why Buffy and Angel Shouldn't Be Together

Okay, okay, let's get it over with already! Buffy could be with Xander (Oz, Spike, Giles, or whoever you want) instead of pining over Angel all the time. Or if you're going to be with him, tell him for God's sake! Angel will never pick it up unless you bash him over the head with it. And it's the same with Angel. Find someone new, Brood-Boy! It's better than seeing you mope around all the time. Or get back together with Buffy, but don't take up all of our time brooding about her! Somebody hand me a barf bag...

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