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CHECK OUT THE LATEST NEWS PAGE! Rumors of JOHNNY'S Demise have been greatly exagerated.The Band has not toured for a while but they have been in the recording studio. I have the honor of getting one of theese New Songs!This is a MP3 file.It will require about a 10 minute download on a phone modem. In the past few years,the Maryland music scene has been dominated by cover bands. No matter which club you go to, you will see a different band playing the same songs. But, out of nowhere came a powerful rock trio called Johnny. People knew they were witnessing something diffrent, something original. Since 1995, Johnny has built a large and loyal following with little help. Johnny consists of John Fortuna, an intense and hard hitting drummer who doubles up as the lead vocalist. John Williams, a groove master who's bass guitar provides a low thick tone. A raw and powerful guitarist named Tim Murphy provides the ear blowing crunch. To anyone who hasn't seen them,GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND JOIN THE PARTY! You can now buy Johnny Cd's HERE! What a Great Gift Idea! It's Easy,It's Safe,Fast Delivery and all you need is a Credit Card! ATTENTION WEBTV USERS! This web page is using Frames and Javascript which may cause your browser and older computers to display this web page incorrectly! Sorry for any inconvience! Please Vote for this Page as your Favorite on Angelfire! Buy their CD's at Record and Tape Traders in the Maryland area or order here.

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