If you have access and can edit .htaccess in your directory you can simply redirect Error 404 not found to any page you want. All what you need to do is add the line below to file .htaccess

   ErrorDocument 404  Url here

   Like this

   ErrorDocument 404  http://www.dalleh.com


   You can abuse it by making the error 404 open more than one page. After adding the above line to .htaccess and make it to redirect.html

  1. Add ErrorDocument 404 redirect.html to .htaccess file
  2. Create an empty page and name it redirect.html.
  3. Add this script to the head of the page.

    imgwin = window.open("URL 1");
    imgwin = window.open("URL 2");
  4. You can add a meta tag to refresh to the index.html page


   here is how mine looks like

   in the .htaccess

   ErrorDocument 404  http://www.dalleh.com/redirect.html

   The redirect page


imgwin = window.open("http://dfaq.free2try.com/");
imgwin = window.open("http://www.one-and-only.com/index.htm?AssociateID=4284");
<META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="1;URL=http://www.dalleh.com/">


<a href=http://www.dalleh.com/nop> click here </a>to see how it works


   Click here to see how it works

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