Image as link
How to post your images as link?

   The Code:
<A HREF="The URL of the site"><img src="The URL of the image"></A>

Your image format must be .gif , .GIF, .jpg or.JPG. If your images are in .bmp or .art format they will not show. Open the .bmp or .art in your image editor and save it as jpg or gif .

The name and the location of the image are case sensitive.
is not the same as

   The Details:
This is a text link ......<A HREF="http://www.dalleh.com/">Home page </A>
This is an image link ..<img src="images2/bart.gif">

   In order to make the image a link, replace the blue text with the image's URL. Don't leave any spaces between the entries. 
<A HREF="www.dalleh.com"><img src="images2/bart.gif"></A>
<A HREF="http://www.dalleh.com"><IMG SRC="images2/bart.gif" ALT="Bart" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=148 WIDTH=110> </A>

   Using the width and height of the image, is recommended, if the image did not show the browser would  reserve the space for the image in this case your page keeps the same look, everything stays in the same place where you put it.

   If there is an ugly border around your image link just add BORDER=0 to take it off. An image as a link can take the clicker to another page, a different image, music, or even a file for downloading.

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