You cannot upload fonts and force it on your visitor's browser, because the fonts they see is what they have in their computer, if they have the font you are using they can see it, If not they will see the text in the default font.

<font face="Courier New"> Text </font>
<FONT FACE="Courier New"> Text </FONT>

There is a trick just in case your visitors don't have one font they can see another, 
<font face="Courier New,Brush Script,Rockwell,Mead Bold"> Text </font>
Your visitors will see the first font they have. Below are some of the fonts I have in my PC I have to use larger size on some of them so you can see them 

Courier New
<font face="Courier New">Courier New</font>
Brush Script
<font face="Brush Script">Brush Script</font>
Footlight MT Light
<font face="Footlight MT Light">Footlight MT Light</font>
Felix Titling
<font face="Felix Titling">Felix Titling</font>
<font face="Flexure">Flexure</font>
<font face="Playbill">Playbill</font>
<font face="Stencil">Stencil</font>
<font face="Rockwell">Rockwell</font>
<FONT FACE="Desdemona">Desdemona</FONT>
<FONT FACE="Gradl">Gradl</FONT>
<FONT FACE="Impact">Impact</FONT>
Lucida Blackletter
<FONT FACE="Lucida Blackletter">Lucida Blackletter</FONT>
Mead Bold
<FONT FACE="Mead Bold">Mead Bold</FONT> 
<FONT FACE="Mistral">Mistral</FONT>

To change colors of the text 
<font color="blue">Text here</font>.
<FONT COLOR="green">Text here</FONT>.
You can use any basic color 's name in IE 16 colors and Netscape almost any name of a color you can think of.. 

To get bold letters <b> bold letters </b> 

To get italic letters <i> italic letters </i>

To get bold italic letters <b><i>bold italic letters</i></b>

To get Fixed width letters <TT>Fixed width letters </TT>

To get Bold italic Fixed width letters <b><i><TT>Bold italic Fixed width</TT></i></b>

To start a new  line end the first line with <BR> or <br>
To start a new paragraph add <P> or <p> at the beginning of the line. 

You can increase or decrease the size of the text. From -2 to +4
<font size="+2">Larger font </font>
To get the letters higher than the text line Higher
To get the letters higher than the text line <sup><B>Higher</B></sup>

Trade MarkTM 
Trade Mark<sup><B><FONT SIZE=-2>TM</FONT></B></sup>

To get the letters lower than the text line Lower
To get the letters lower than the text line <sub><B> Lower </B></sub>

Trade Mark TM
Trade Mark <sub><B><FONT SIZE=-2>TM</FONT></B></sub>

To get the registered mark ® 

Registered rights &reg;
Registered rights®

To get the copy right © 

This a copy right &copy;
This a copy right ©

To get the Trademark ™
Trademark &#8482
Trademark ™

£    = &pound; ¢    = &cent;
½   = &frac12; ¼   = &frac14;
¾   = &frac34; &   = &amp;

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