E-mail linking

   How to add an e-mail link in text or an image.

    The Code:
<A HREF="mailto:name@domain.net">name@domain.net</A>

    As a text link:
A Link always starts with <a href="mailto:address">and ends with </a> 

The words between <A HREF="mailto:address">and</A> will be the text that will show on your page. Whatever is between these, < > will not show on your screen. 

    Here is an example
E-mail me <A HREF="mailto:name@domain.net">name@domain.net</A> link in a line of text.
Here is an example, E-mail me name@domain.net link in a line of text

    As an Image:
If you change the text with a URL of an image, you can use any image from anywhere on the net. 
<A HREF="mailto:name@domain.net"><IMG SRC="mail.gif"> </A>
           To get this; 

    Custom subject:
           <A HREF="mailto:name@domain.net?subject=Whatever"> name@domain.net </A>

If you want to give it a try, this e-mail address is to me, look in the subject of the e-mail, it should read "Whatever" dname@domain.net

    Carbon copy to more than one address:
<A HREF="mailto:name@domain.net?cc=name@domain.net ">click here </A>
Click here 

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="E-mall" onClick="location.href='mailto:name@domain.net?cc=name@domain.net'"> 

    Different addresses with same subject:
<a href="mailto:me@server.com?subject=Mass email&cc=nobody1@nowhere.com&cc=nobody2@nowhere.com"> Click here </a>
Click here

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Mass E-mail" onClick="location.href='mailto:me@server.com?subject=Mass email &cc=nobody1@nowhere.com&cc=nobody2@nowhere.com'">

    Blind carbon copy with same subject:
<a href="mailto:me@server.com?subject=Mass email&bcc=nobody1@nowhere.com&bcc=nobody2@nowhere.com"> Click here </a>
Click here

Spam Buster

<!-- Start of E-Mail Saver -->
<!-- Use of this script in your webpages will prevent -->
<!-- your email address from being harvested, which leads to spam. -->
<!-- Simply replace the first part of your email address where it says -->
<!-- username and the second part where it says yoursite.com -->
<!-- Begin
user = "username";
site = "yoursite.com";
document.write('<a href=\"mailto:' + user + '@' + site + '\">');
document.write(user + '@' + site + '</a>');
// End -->
<!-- End of E-Mail Saver -->

Spam Buster 2

<!-- Spam Buster  Many "Email-Harvesting" programs steal email accounts from mailto: tags in your  web page html source.  Using this method will prevent these programs from  stealing your email address, simply change the username and domainname to  your email address username and domain name.  -->
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript">
// Change User Name and Domain Name
document.write("<A HREF='mailto:"+username+""+at+""+domainname+"'>"+username+""+at+""+domai nname+"</a>")

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