Background sound

How to post midi and wav files on your page.

You can use the same midi codes, for other sound formats like wav, au and others

Background sound Auto start:
With Netscape and IE 4.0 and up, all midi and wav files play by using 

<embed src=" URL/HERE " autostart=true width=145 height=60 loop=true> </embed> 

With Internet Explorer to hear your sound files you need to use 

<bgsound src=" URL/HERE"loop=infinite height=50 width=145>

<embed src="name.mid"autostart=true hidden=true loop=false width=145 height=60> </embed>
<noembed><bgsound src="name.mid"loop=1></noembed>

Click console to start:
With this HTML the player will not start by itself. This player will stop when you leave the page. Change the ones in red.
<embed src="name.mid" width=145 height=60 loop=true></embed>

If the midi file on your Angelfire directory,
<embed src="name.mid" width=145 height=60 loop=true> </embed> 

As a link
How would you like a player that starts on a click, floats, then follows you when you leave the page? But it will not loop. Change the ones in red.

<a href="http:// the rest of the midi file/name.mid">the name of the song</a> 

If the midi file on your angelfire directory 
<a href="name.mid">the name of the song</a>

The same music on all pages:
The only way to play the same music none stop on all page, is to use frames. Put the midi file on the frame that always there ( the menu frame or the banner frame )

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