Background image


How to use and change the background Image Image Code

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" link="#0000EE"background="/md/jdfaq/images/56.jpg">

Color Code
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" link="#0000EE" background="/md/jdfaq/images/56.jpg">

You'll need to change this line to the URL for the image you want as your back ground. ( The HTML in red. Usually you can get the URL for an image by right clicking on an image, then use one of your options to Save-As or Copy Image Location, You can then paste the URL into your editor or Note pad.

<background="http://www. the rest of the URL/picture.gif">

If your planning to use an image that you've uploaded to your site you'll use your own URL, as in /ss/DDDDD/images/picture.gif or .jpg.

You don't need http://www.angelfire.com for your own images.The image you've uploaded will also be in your /images directory, so don't forget the /images part. As an alternative, you could put this line at the top of your page, just below </head> or </header> 
<body background="http://www the rest of the URL.gif"> 
Or for your own image use; 
<body background="/md/jdfaq/images/56.jpg or .gif">

Color Code and More
You can change the colors of your links, visited links, active links, and text as well as your background. Near the top of your page there is a line similar to this; 
<body background="image.jpg BGCOLOR="white" TEXT="black" LINK="blue" VLINK="red">

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