Angelfire Help]

   There are few common things you need to know.

  1. It is angelfire.com and not anglefire.com. Notice it is el and not le in angelfire.
  2. Your URL starts with http://www.angelfire.com/ and not with http://angelfire.lycos.com/.
  3. Your links to other sites start with http://www. and not with just www.
  4. Your image html code starts with <img src= and not with <img scr=. Notice it is src and not scr.
  5. You can only use images with the format  .jpg and .gif on the net. .art and .bmp donít work
  6. Your top page ( front page ) is index.html and not index.htm.
  7. Your page file name suppose to end with .html or .htm without them some browsers ( netscape ) cannot see your page and angelfire system may delete your site.
  8. Your page wonít show in netscape, if one or more of your table tags stay open.
  9. Angelfire support CGI and Perl Scripts only for paying member. Free members may find something they can use in the Script library
  10. You cannot use your space in angelfire as a storage.
  11. If you are using frames, you need to change angelfire ad from banner on the page to popup.
  12. Angelfire has help pages Here.
  13. Angelfire System Status Here
  14. Angelfire Image Gallery Here
  15. You can pay as low as $ 4.95 a month to keep your site ads free.

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