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All About Me

Name: Melissa

Alias: lis, melis, (bajello, mafia princess - not very often anymore)

D.O.B.: 9/12/79

Hair: darkest brown with blonde highlights

Eyes: even darker

Height: 5'3" . . . on a good day in big shoes

Parents: married

Siblings: 2 younger brothers

School: B.A. in Mathematics - Towson University (dec 2002)
Harford Community College (December 1998)
Fallston High School (June 1997)
Pets: an iguana ~ Elizabeth, a manchester terrier (10 lb doberman) ~ Brandy, a ball python ~ Rosy, dwarf rabbit ~ Cinnamon, and a cockatiel ~ Noah

Job: presently student teaching

Hobbies: wasting time and taking up space with my friends, sleeping, internet, reading, living life to what i consider its fullest

Collect: everything - in shoeboxes, quotes, dead roses

Best Advice Ever Given: don't say it unless you mean it

Been in Love: yes

A Non-Sport Game which You Enjoy: phase 10, tetris, the circle of questions game

Best Experience: pete, week my parents were in fl, high school, florida senior week, MD, NY, life

Scariest Thing You've Ever Done: said what i felt and meant it, moved to Maryland, graduated (twice)

Car: Band-aid - dark blue/green '95 protege

Dream Car: Crayola Yellow Mustang 5.0, 6 speed, fully loaded, maybe a Cobra =

Favorite Thing to Do in the Summer: waste time, take up space, hang around, cuddle, lay in the grass and look at the stars, Ocean City

Favorite Thing to Do in the Winter: waste time, take up space, hang around, cuddle, nothing, watch movies in my pj's w/ my friends

Special Skills or Talents: don't you wish you knew (ha), know (almost) every song on the radio, smile (constantly), talk super-duper fast

Character Traits I Look for in a Person: the strength to put up with me, honesty, understanding, a sense of humor, sincerity, kindness, loyalty, great hair and beautiful eyes

What I Want to Be: more than anything . . . happy

Church: Victorious Faith Fellowship - born-again christian non-denominational - questionable

Favorite Colors: leopard print, yellow

Favorite Foods: chinese, mashed potatoes, rice, and pb&j

Least Favorite Food: seafood, taco bellish food

Favorite Vacation: Cruise to the Bahamas,vacation to no where with pete, Disney World (senior week)

Favorite Subject: Math, History, and the ones I sleep through

Least Favorite Subject: Psychology, and English

Favorite Sport: none, I don't like to sweat - but I like to watch hockey, baseball and volleyball

Favorite Actors: Robin Williams, Christian Slater, Jim Carry, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise

Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, Mary Stuart Masterson, Claire Danes

Favorite Cartoons: anything Disney, and Animaniacs

Favorite Movie: Notting Hill, Spy Game, Bed of Roses, Good Will Hunting, Interview with the Vampire, and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Favorite book: Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Favorite Animals: anything on the coninent of Africa (ie. loepards, tigers, giraffes, zebras), cows, cats, goldfish named Murry, and of course iguanas

Favorite TV Shows: Dawson's Creek, Friends, Gilmore Girls

Favorite Month: any except November and April - "April is the cruelest month." - T.S. Eliot - and I couldn't agree more

Favorite Season: spring and fall

Favorite Day of the Week: saturday

Favorite Holidays: Thanksgiving

Favorite Part of the Newspaper: the comics

Favorite Amusement Park: Disney World, and Great Adventure

Favorite Shoes: sketchers and my ugly sandles

Favorite Things to Wear: jeans, tank tops and flannel pants

Favorite Place to be Alone: my bed or bathtub - certian company welcome

Favorite Place to be with Friends: anywhere

Favorite Bands: Does Rent count? Dave Matthews Band, Sarah McLachlin, Blues Travler, Kustom Blend

Favorite Songs of the Day: #41 (DMB), Grace is Gone (DMB), Greystreet (DMB), Iris (GooGoo Dolls), Crush (DMB), Angel (Sarah McLachlin), If You Could Only see (Tonic), Crash (DMB), Hold On (Sarah McLachlin), Amazed (Lone Star), You Wanted More (Tonic), Say Goodbye (DMB), Two Step (DMB), Spoon (DMB), Insensitive (Jann Arden)

Favorite Quote: do I have to pick just one? any from the leopard print book

Most Prized Possession: my friends

last updated dec 2002


AOLIM: AbsolutV97