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Here are some of my friends sites

Here you can choose to be directed to the homepage of any one of my friends just by "clicking" on their thumbnail photo. If there is no photo for that individual, then just "click" on their name and, likewise, you will be taken to their homepage.




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Melvin's Photo

Melvin.. The "Melvinator" is from the Leupp, Arizona. I believe that we first met at the AISES Conference in Houston, Texas that took place in November of 1997.


Terry's Photo

Terry is my very good friend who I have shared many good times with. He and I have been friends since we first met back at Fort Lewis. For more info about Terry check out his website.


Jill's Photo

I know Jill from Fort Lewis College, she and my sister were roomates in 1996. Then later after my sister graduated, Jill became one of my roomates while I was living at Blackstone Suites. Take a minute to explore "Jill's Jungle" and find out what makes her a unique specimen of the human race. It's neat...I like it! Although, if you'd rather just like to see what her tattoo looks like then follow this link: hummingbird tattoo



Grace's page has some beautiful images of Alaska. For a quick look at one of her Alaska photos follow this link:
Alaska photo


Roxanne Thomas

I started this page for Roxanne but she never finished it! I met Roxanne at Fort Lewis and we got to know each other better during the AISES High School Conference where she helped out alot with registration.


Marcia Tsosie

Marsha! Marsha! Marcha! or is it Marcha?..Marcy maybe?? I first met Marcia at the Shiprock Fair about 2 years ago. That is our official anniversary :) Her page is another page that I helped to start but it's still under construction.



Huberto (as I like to call him) is the Director of the Native American Center at Fort Lewis College and also he is a friend to me. We first met when he came to work at Fort Lewis in 97'. He has always been very supportive and willing to listen to me at times :) Most recently when I attended the AISES Conference in Denver we had a chance to get together again. We took some time out during the conference (along with Terry Teswood and Sid) to have a "sweat lodge" in the sauna at the Adams Mark Hotel . That's just another example of how Hubert uses his modern day "Indjunuity" to combine our knowledge of today and wisdom of the past! :)


Tisha's Photo

I met Tisha at the Region III Conference at Fort Lewis College in April of 1998. She's from the University of Arizona. Her page has the full version of her in the traditional navajo dress (that you see to the left). Recently, Tisha became Miss Native American U of A. She is also a the AISES Corporate Liason and web maintainer for the following websites:
RETAIN, Webmaster
MEP, Webmaster


Al Slowman

Aland I met at the Fort Lewis College Native American Center when we were both studying late one summer night on a Friday evening. He was always talking about starting his own club and I never took him seriously. He eventually started the first Indian Business Club at Fort Lewis and the rest is history. Have a look at some history of the club's beginning's. This is a website that I first helped him to create for the club called "FLC AIBL"
The current website is just a copy of my original version. Here's a link to that one if you want to see what I'm talking about.


Nanibaa's Photo

This is my friend Nanibaa Garrison, who is a junior pre-med student pursuing a major in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a minor in American Indian Studies at University of Arizona. I remember that we first met at an AISES Conference in Houston. She came up to our booth and introduced herself. At the time, she was still going to Kirtland High School, which is near to Fort Lewis College. She's VERY Smart, has a wonderful sense of humor (she laughs at my jokes, that is!) and one of the nicest persons I've ever met! Check out Nanibaa's Homepage, she has done a lot of work on it. It's cool, check it out! I never realized how many things that she and I have in common.