IRA: Hello, Please introduce yourself

~NAME~: Hi, My name is :   ~NAME~   I'm was just surfin the net through the following connection...via my internet provider ~IPADDRESS~. I'm browsing with ~BROWSER~ .

IRA: Cool  ~NAME~ ! So, tell us a little more about yourself. How old are you?

~NAME~: Well, I'm  ~AGE~  years old and I'm from  ~REFERENCE~ 

IRA: How did you find my site?

~NAME~: I was referred to your site by  ~LOCATION~

IRA: Hey  ~NAME~ , Thanks for stopping by I hope that you enjoyed my site and thanks for signing my guestbook. If you want you can leave your e-mail address, homepage url, and any additional comments below. That way, I can drop you a line some time? Thanks.

~NAME~:My e-mail address is :~EMAIL~    
~NAME~:My homepage address is:~HOMETITLE~ Date: ~DATE~
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