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Name:Fallen Angle (the geometric terror)
Marital Status:Sign: ankh
Pets: Violet the shy grey cat
Current Occupation: student
Future Occupation: European History Teacher
Location: DC
Fun Fact: I occasionally read "The New Federalist" because it's funny.

  • animal: Snow leopard
  • movies: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, The Secret of NIHM, Tales From the Darkside:The Movie, The Omen, Fargo, Time Bandits, Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Life of Brian
  • book: The Butter Battle Book, The Encyclopedia of the Undead, The Hobbit, Vampire:the Dark Ages core book, blank ones
  • writers: H.P. Lovecraft, Dorothy Parker, Sylvia Plath, Dr.Suess, Edward Albee, Poe, Tolkien
  • comics/anime: JTHM, The Maxx, Sandman, Salior Moon, Vampire Hunter D
  • artists: Amano
  • musicians: Marilyn Manson, Tori Amos, Type O Negative, Queen, The Doors, the Stones

Hobbies: Vampire: The Dark Ages, collecting quotes, writing, politics, art, RPG video games (English and Japanese) ,

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