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Healing Touch of Southern Maryland

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Millie Guenther has been a registered nurse for over 30 years and has been smiling her entire life. Let Healing Touch help you find your smile again! (many modalities available)

Healing Touch of Southern Maryland is now offering workshops "Reawakening the Heart of Nursing"

Reawakening The Heart of Nursing is a full day program to renew the personal connection in nursing, create a context for relationship-centered care, and explore ways to integrate holistic care into a traditional care setting as well as an introduction to the philosophy and theory of holistic nursing. The workshop includes workbooks, morning and afternoon snacks, and lunch. Techniques learned in this retreat can be applied to the new 2000-2001 JCAHO standard for nonpharmacological intervention for pain and stress management, and offers 7.8 CEU's. The workshop is offered in conjunction with Seeds & Bridges Center for Holistic Nursing Education (the longest running national program in holistic nursing).

Please call (301) 994-0212 or email to contact Healing Touch of Southern Maryland.

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