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Breath of Fire Pictures

These are the characters from the Breath of Fire series:
Breath of Fire


Ryu is your starting character. Although he does not have to be named Ryu, it is the character's story name. He uses a sword, a boomerang, and posseses the great strength of the Dragon clan. After the burning of his town, Ryu sets off to meet the Dark Dragons, and put an end to their tyranny.


When ryu arrives in Winlan, a city to the North West of Drogen, he meets some of the people of Winlan, and then goes to sleep in their guest room. At this point, Nina, the young Winlan princess, ventures off to put an end to her father's illness, which was brought on by the Dark Dragon's wizard. She uses a rapier, and can use much healing and protective magick.


Very little is known about Bo as far as story goes. Ryu and Nina meet him when they go into the Dark Dragon's prision to find the Tantar Village chief. He uses a bow, and can walk through forest freely.


You meet Karn in the Auria holding cell, but don't really get to know who he is until you arrive at Krypt, and he saves you from a water trap. Karn can unlock doors and find traps, and uses a throwing knife. Later in the game, you will fing transformation spells.


When the group makes it back to Auria, Gobi is only a merchant. After a bit of story, though, he becomes a member of your group. Unfortunatly, he's constantly demanding money. "Don't worry, Ryu will be a chump and not pay him." He uses a spear, and eventualy, will be able to transform into a fish and swim your party accross the ocean.


If you continue the Breath of Fire series, you'll meet up with Bleu alot. She is an excelent sorceress, and can epuip canes. She will join up with Ryu after he uses the bug egg in the underwater volcano.


Ox is a member of the metal smiths; a group of strong Beast-like-men who can create some of the best machinery and weaponry in the world. Ox is taken away from his village to work for the dark dragons, but he escapes from their slave ship and finds himself in Prima, barley fending off Death. After the group beats the ghost back and meets Ox, he'll join your party. He'll smash down walls, and uses a hammer.


You'll find Mogu in Gramor; a small cave town on the utter-most North-West point of the world map. After saving him from his nightmares, he'll join your party and help you finish off the rest of the game. He can epuip the claw, and can dig under dragon-head-marked spots in the ground.

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