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As of June 22, 1999, Matt Lukin has retired.

"I'm gonna go to Lukin's, I gotta spot at Lukin's" ~~Eddie Vedder

The sad news is Matt decided to retire from playing music. He plans to move out to the sticks and hone his hermit skills (something he's been working on for awhile). He said that he hasn't enjoyed touring for the last few years and that his heart isn't into playing music anymore. The rest of us aren't sure what Mudhoney will do next except that we're going to take a break from the band.

Bassist Matt Lukin has left Mudhoney, leaving the future of the raucous Seattle garage-punk band up in the air.

According to Mudhoney vocalist-guitarist Mark Arm, Lukin, who was immortalized in a Pearl Jam song of the same name, is retiring from music, and the remaining bandmembers will be taking a break from the group, which has just parted company with its label, Reprise.

It won't be the first time it's been said, but now seems a nonetheless appropriate time: grunge is dead. Or, at least it is taking a break, as the future of Seattle pioneers Mudhoney is unclear after bassist Matt Lukin's departure from the band.

Seattle grunge pioneers Mudhoney are going on sabbatical following the departure of bassist Matt Lukin and the group's split with Reprise Records.

"Matt is going to take a break from music altogether and have a quiet, adult life in Washington state," Rick Gershon, now an ex-publicist for the band at Reprise's parent company, Warner Bros., said on Thursday (June 24).

Some Comments From The Fans

"Matt Lukin may not have been the greatest bassist or even musician in the world but he had a shit load of passion for the music. Matt, from his early days in Aberdeen goin' to parties and gettin' wasted with people like Krist Novoselic and Buzz Osbourne, didn't care about the music business that much, but rather to entertain the fan! I seen a video of Matt in concert in '92 and he was havin' a blast playin' music, but recently I saw him in Montreal in '98 and Matt wasn't really into it. He was just playin' bass and not even talkin' to the crowd. I hope Matt has a great time retired from music. Matt you're the greatest of the great!" --Salman

"i dont question any decision matt makes. i'm sure Matt and Mudhoney have done and will do what is best." --Brian

". . .Matt Lukin is gone from Mudhoney! He was the coolest! I wish him a good retirement!! But I hope the remaining Mudhoney members keep on rockin'!" --?

"yeah, it is kinda weird, like when Kurt died, I know I didn't really feel like talking about it to anybody.... I am still in shock and its still gonna take a few weeks...MATT LUKIN ROCKED! I WILL MISS YOU. GOOD LUCK. MAYBE PLAY A REUNION SHOW WITH MUD IN A YEAR OR TWO...." --Tim

"Matt Lukin will be missed, not only because of his music, but because he is one funny motherfucker." --Chris

"Well, the initial feeling I had when I heard the news was a very selfish one... the sense of "I never got to see these guys play live and now I probably won't ever"... argh... but, sometimes sanity has to win out over pleasing one individual person... whatever Lukin does, good for him... I guess I'll just miss the guys and treasure their music..." --Mark

"First thing i heard from mudhoney was Tomorrow Hit Today. Then, a couple weeks later i saw them live in montreal. I was shocked! Those guys totally rocked the place! And this was my first and only Mudhoney show. Since then, i'm a huge fan. I almost have all the albums and stuff. When i read the news, i was in panic. But well, what can you do? Life goes on... The saddest things is that i was just getting into it." --Mathieu

"I guess I just don't know what to say. I don't think it has realy sunken in yet. Maybe something good will come of this. Like 2 or 3 spin off bands wich I'm sure will be great. I liked pretty much every Mudhoney side project, some of them just as much as Mudhoney. I know that The Monkeywrench is working on a new album, maybe we'll even see a few more of those. I love The Monkeywrench. With Mudhoney's status in Seattle I'm sure they have a lot of friends in high places. I wouldn't be suprised if they found a quality, veteran bass player to step in for Matt. Thats about all I can say for now." --Mike

if you have any personal thought's on Matt's departure that you'd like to add, e-mail me.

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