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You wanted to *see* us? Whatever you want...
Fugular Comority Pictures

Here's a few pictures of Fugular Comority doin the old thing we like to call "recording quality music." John, Todd, Brian, and Josh...yup thats us....Alright, there ya go. I guess you want me to put captions under each picture. Well, FINE...I will then.

Dammit Brian! Stop growing!!!

It's a-me...MARRRRRRIO

Dude! I think every ounce Todd loses is really STOLEN by BRIAN!!!

Brian is a phat bassist...Thats right I said phat, not fat...he's just gigantic.

I am John! The ALMIGHTY lazy drummer!

Brian, keepin it real on the phat machine.

Jahan from Forever A.D. "helpin" the band record. Brians just goofy.

Ta Da! It's Jen, one of our cool friends. She can dance and sing, really good.

A panoramic view of John adjusting the four track levels at FAD Studios

The name's Josh, and I play guitar.

Same name, different guitar.

Josh and John, tending to the recording gear.


This is just hilarious...It doesn't need an explanation

Damnit Todd! You are giving us all a headache, wheres John?!?!

Stickin out the tongue man...its key


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