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Band Related Links
Band Related Links

Our Bandular Peers

Oddzar - Local Band who call themselves "FunkCore". They have a sound reminiscent of RHCP and Rage, but are more diverse.

Forever A.D. - "Alternative with a punk edge" is their style. Check 'em out, but don't get on their cases if they aren't "punk enough for ya"

Sputnik - All hail spacerock! Check these guys out for an ultra-modern, whacked out, devo-like sound.

On The Brink - I don't know much about this bands sound, but I do know they did a short review of our CD on their page.

Swell 36 - We like their sound alot. If you get a chance, give 'em a listen. They cap off their obvious influence of Smashing Pumpkins with a cover of Drown at the end of their CD.

Other Cool Links

Garageband - This site is a great collaboration of indie musicians. You can actually listen to thousands of tracks from unsigned bands (including us) around the world.

Baltimore Bands - Just about every band in Baltimore is listed on this site, we're on it too!

[Magic Bus] - A site where bands like us can give a little backround, and try to get noticed.

Maryland Party - Another cumulative listing of great bands in maryland.

Indie-Music - Lists a bunch of indie bands, including us...Our friend put us on there, and accidentally spelled our name wrong. No biggy, You'll find it.

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