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yeah baby

Mood:  mischievious
Beware the stike of the April Fools Day bandit! hahaha (evil laughter) if I can get you I will!

On a side note- Sarah Grossblatt cracks me up. She is the freak of the earth. But I will trade two People magazines and last month's Shape for your Fitness and Marie Claire.
I think I suceeded in my lifeguard interview. I really want that job. Now I am off to the shower and possibly to the liquor store if I decide to get my butt to Franklin Street.

Posted by super2/stutzman at 4:33 PM EST
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so all my suitemates are out
my friends are doing work
and i have absolutely nothing to do
booooring evening.
read through all of Fitness and Marie Claire (available for you own entertainment through Sarah Rentals Inc.)
and now it's 11 and i think i'm going to sleep
maybe ill go to the gym tomorrow morning bright and early
random post,
as always,

Posted by md/frixel at 10:52 PM EST
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Now Playing: The snores of my roommate
Glad chemistry is so riveting. I should bring my laptop to class more so at boring moments I can do interesting things like post here. Instead I post here later as a form of procrastination. Allow me to vent momentarily: I got up, went to step, showered, got dressed, went to class, went to another class where I took an exam, went to the pool to interview guards, and returned to a dark room and snoring roommmate. Can anyone explain this to me? The world is just not fair. Now I am preparing to study for my next exam to the music of her snores by the light of my computer monitor. Screw that- I'm outta here. The union seems nice right now. Love you all!

Posted by super2/stutzman at 2:27 PM EST
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so. chemistry sucks...and sarah and i are in desperate need of some coffee. but did anyone see the picture in the paper today? where did our boys get matching cameras? i want one!

Posted by me5/oaks at 11:53 AM EST
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Mood:  chatty
south point doesn't open till 10 am, weekdays. so much for the plan to escape music. but, honestly, there has to be a good reason to...

Posted by me5/oaks at 11:29 PM EST
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Go heels!
I am utterly exhausted, but seeing as I created this interesting thing that is our communcal blog I feel i should take the effort to contribute.
contribution made.
good night.

Posted by md/frixel at 1:20 AM EST
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Sarah! We should have hung out last night! I was up too! I had just finished my french paper and was almost as hyper as you so I was trying to wind down by reading Glamour before sleeping. We are perfect to live together next year! You wouldn't have had to make me stay up with you, although I may have killed you first seeing as I was writing a paper and you were on the craziest caffeine high I have ever seen. Anyways, Oaks- what does it mean when the ref circles his hands in lacrosse? I am curious now. Yeah my suitemate is the team manager for them boys and I am jealous. She might be able to find a future husband for you.
I <3 you guys!

Posted by super2/stutzman at 5:57 PM EST
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so it's 230am and yall are asleep and resting. i'm jealous, but yall are missing a ton of fun. a barrel of hoots. and so on and so forth with the cheesy sayings.
um yeah i'm just that bored that i felt all that worthy of being written here. At least next year I'll get to make my roomates stay up and entertain me when i'm impossibly bored and hyper after midnight. Hehe just kidding. Buenas noches!Video!

Posted by md/frixel at 2:38 AM EST
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let me just say, carolina boys lacrosse is hot...sign me up to marry one. we won, 9-5. but, as h discovered -- when the ref circles his hands, in lacrosse it doesn't mean traveling.

Posted by me5/oaks at 12:15 AM EST
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Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: destiny's child
i just spilled cheerios all over myself.

Posted by md/frixel at 12:02 AM EST
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