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Todays First Maryland Artillery

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"Maryland, My Maryland" by ME!

The First Maryland Artillery is a reenactment group dedicated to honoring the Confederate Maryland soldiers of the Civil War.  Our goal is to learn more about these heroes while educating the public on camp life, drills, and battles through our recreations and authentic impressions.  We operate with a 12-pounder field howitzer, limber, and a 10 lb. Parrott rifle.

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The First Maryland attends events primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and Shenandoah regions, with members from Pennsylvania and Maryland.  We are family-oriented and encourage wives and children to take an active role.

We are looking for a few GOOD Soldiers to join us,  (we can train you) but you must be willing to portray a period correct cannoneer as well as portray proper Living History for the Civil War years.  

*** Our on-line Uniform Guidelines:  1st MD Uniforms info:

If you are interested in joining or would like to schedule us for an event, please contact us.

Send, Captain Jeff Stansbury

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